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June 20

How to Make Citrus-Slice Drink Coasters From Rope

These citrus-themed coasters are so easy to make you can craft up a batch in time for happy hour.

June 19

Luxe Dorm Room Shopping Guide 10 Photos

The experts at DIY Channel put together a must-have luxe dorm decor shopping guide.

June 19

Make the Most of the Garlic From Your Garden

Serious garlic breath on the horizon: Learn how to harvest green garlic, scapes, and produce large bulbs that can be reserved for …

June 18

How to Make a Birdcage Succulent Garden

Give your patio a bit of vintage charm with a succulent garden grown in an old birdcage.

June 18

How to Upcycle a Hoodie Into a Cozy Travel Pillow 13 Steps

Don't toss those old sweatshirts! Transform them into travel-friendly neck pillows with our easy instructions.

June 15

Build a Backyard Bee House

Bee wise. Build a bee house for your backyard pollinator habitat garden.

June 15

How to Install a French Drain

Prevent water from gathering in unwanted places by installing a French drain to redirect it.

June 14

How to Tune Up an Old Bike for Summer Rides

Cruise on all summer long when you follow these tips for maintaining and taking care of your bicycle.

June 13

How to Make Chalk on a Popsicle Stick

Chalk is easier to make than you might think and once you start looking at everything as a possible mold, the ideas will start flo …

June 13

How to Replace Upper Cabinets With Open Shelving

By: Emily Farris

Replacing bulky upper cabinets with bracketed wood shelves is an easy, affordable way to lighten up the look and feel of your kitc …

June 11

How to Make Fresh Mozzarella 7 Steps

Did you know how easy it is to make your own fresh cheese? Try Cheesemaking 101, and dive into the process.

June 6

Copy the Curb Appeal of These 15 Beachfront Homes 15 Photos

The design experts at share 15 beachside homes with major curb appeal.

June 5

How to Hang a Door in an Existing Jamb 17 Steps

Replacing a door into an existing opening is well within the reach of the average homeowner. The following instructions will help …

June 5

How to Hang Drywall 29 Steps

Hanging drywall may sound complicated, but that doesn't have to be the case. Follow these step-by-step instructions and your insta …

June 1

How to Make a Vertical Herb Garden From a Fence

If your yard is short on space, go vertical with a garden wall made from a section of metal fence, basic lumber and redwood plante …

June 1

How to Build an Outdoor Bar and Beverage Station

Update your outdoor entertaining area with a hutch-style cabinet that can be used as a bar or buffet table.

June 1

How to Make a Bottle-Cap Opener Game

Liven up your next yard party with this Plinko-inspired game where falling bottle caps decide the outcome.

May 31

How to Grow Dazzling Dahlias

Whether their blooms are as big as dinner plates or as small as pompons, dahlias are stunning in summer gardens.

May 30

How to Make a Patio Side Table From an Urn Planter

Make stylish outdoor furniture with built-in storage and a game board.

May 29

How to Make a Vertical Succulent Garden

Add a hanging garden to your home with a living succulent picture frame. Succulents are a good choice for vertical gardens because …

May 29

How to Bring a Boho Vibe to Potato Stamping

Using a potato to make custom stamps is nothing new, but giving it a boho twist to customize your decor is very fresh (plus, it’s …

May 25

How to Use a Rolling Pin for Printing Cactus-Patterned Tea Towels

Learn how to upcycle a rolling pin into a stamper to create custom patterns on fabric, wrapping paper or wood.

May 22

How to Make an Herb Garland Centerpiece

Use fresh herbs straight from your garden to create this stylish table arrangement.

May 21

How to Make a Backyard Pipe Ball Game

By: Carla Wiking

Pipe ball combines the challenge of Skee Ball with the fun of ring toss. It’s simple to make, easy for kids to play and interestin …

May 16

10 Not-So-Typical Terrariums 10 Photos

The crafting experts at DIY Network share some clever and quirky ideas for making terrariums.

May 15

Stylish Storage Solution: DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Pair your favorite fabrics with old denim jeans to make these adorable wall displays. Use them to store craft supplies, notes, mak …

May 11

How to Turn Clear Paint Cans Into Colorful Terrariums

Use plastic paint pails and craft paint to make cute succulent containers.

May 8

Finally, Plants You Can't Kill - How to Make Felt Succulents

Want to know the secret to having a green thumb? Making DIY felt succulents that will never wilt or wither.

May 7

Outdoor String Lights to Spruce up Your Backyard

Spending time outside in the warmer months is a must, so why not make your backyard even more welcoming? The secret ingredient? St …

May 7

10 Removable Wallpapers to Give Your Space a Quick Update

Whether you’re looking to introduce a statement print or a splash of color, a good roll of wallpaper will help you get the look yo …

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