March 27

50 Things to Deep Clean in Your House 50 Photos

Make your home feel instantly lighter and brighter by deep cleaning these top 50 spots that make the house feel dirtier than it is …

March 26

Speed Cleaning: Tidy Up in 20 Minutes 9 Photos

By: Chelsey Bowen

Whether you need to prep for last-minute guests or you're short on time and want a cleaner, calmer environment to welcome you home …

March 18

How to Keep a Clean House with Pets 12 Photos

By: Chelsey Bowen

Don't let your house go to the dogs or cats! Maintain a clean and tidy house, while still creating the ultimate haven for your fur …

February 22

15 Areas to Declutter Before Spring Cleaning 15 Photos

By: Chelsey Bowen

Prep your home for a deep clean by clearing out all the clutter that accumulated over the long cold months.

July 20

How to Backwash and Clean a Sand Pool Filter 14 Photos

Follow these easy steps to keep your pool filter in tip-top shape all summer long.

May 23

10 Pro Tips to Get Cleaning Done Fast 10 Photos

Professional cleaners share their secrets to getting cleaning chores done fast and efficiently.

March 26

Baby Shower Gift Idea: Make a DIY Cleaning Kit for a Baby's Room 9 Photos

When stocking a nursery, we usually think along the lines of stuffed animals and decor, but a handy stash of gentle cleaning produ …

March 23

Natural Cleaners for the Kitchen and Bathroom 8 Photos

If you're looking for natural cleaning solutions that save money and keep your house free of harsh odors and chemicals, look no fu …

March 23

How to Make All-Natural DIY Cleaning Solutions — and Save Money 7 Photos

By: Lisa Frederick

Skip chemical cleaners in favor of organic versions that you can make on a shoestring.

March 23

How to Fix Problems Caused by Pets, Critters and Pests 6 Photos

Wildlife sometimes finds its way inside, and even our beloved pets can make a big mess in the house. Learn how to clean up the dam …

15 Surprising Things You Can Clean with Salt 15 Photos

When you want a natural household cleaner, look no farther than your salt shaker. Good old sodium chloride is great at tackling gr …

Top 10 Spots You're Probably Not Cleaning in the Bedroom 10 Photos

Sure, you know to sweep the floors and switch out your pillowcases, but which spots are you forgetting to deep-clean?

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