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Cozy Cabin

The 'Tiny Luxury' team cozies up in the lofted bedroom of the 140 square foot house they built for couple Sean and Tara.

Perfect Planning

Before it was a finished masterpiece, the 'Tiny Luxury' team had to conceptualize and construct the functional downsized home. 

Work in Progress

The 'Tiny Luxury' team was sure to meet all of the homeowners requests, all the way down to this gorgeous bay window.  

Fresh Coat of Paint

All of the team’s hard work paid off when this charming tiny home came to life. The finishing exterior touch: a coat of robin’s egg blue paint. 

Layered Living Space

There’s no wasting of space when it comes to tiny homes. Luckily, the lovely layout of this bedroom/living room/office area keeps the home feeling stylish and spacious. 

Sneaky Staircase

It’s vital to sneak in as much storage as possible when you have limited square footage to work with. Here, the Tiny Luxury team cleverly incorporated stylish cubby holes into the stairs leading to the loft. 

Lovely Loft

This charming loft couldn’t be more cozy. The lovely balance of warm wood, neutral walls, plus subtle blue and yellow accents make these sleeping quarters incredibly inviting. 

Window Seat

Beneath the lofted bed, the couple got their wish with this beautiful bay window seating area. Not only is the window seat a great solution for adding a bit of extra living space, but the lovely cherry wood design also make this tiny home truly luxurious. 

Bright and Bold

For a punch of color and additional seating, the team added this funky contemporary couch to the living area. Muted gray pillows and a neutral throw help balance the bright upholstery. 

Charming Workspace

Tucked next to the bay window seat, this antique table offers a space for the homeowners to work. The collapsible sides make it simple to transform the table from desk to side table in an instant. 

Cozy Kitchen

What this tiny home lacks in square footage, it makes up for in luxurious style, including this gorgeous kitchen that seamlessly transitions to the bathroom and laundry area. 

Photo By: Bodega Pictures

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

This gorgeous kitchen is fully equipped with black granite countertops, a 4-burner gas range, stull-sized stainless steel refrigerator and red oak hardwood floors. 

Bonus Loft

For extra sleeping space, the Tiny Luxury team built a 25-square-foot guest loft just above the bathroom. The red oak hardwood floors, exposed pine beams, plush bedding and string lights create the same warm, rustic chic aesthetic that is present in the rest of the home. 

Photo By: Bodega Pictures

Hidden Amenities

The homeowners don’t need to worry about taking their laundry elsewhere to get done, a full laundry closet is tucked just between the bathroom and kitchen. 

Petite Bathroom

At the back of this tiny home, a reclaimed wood sliding door conceals this sleek bathroom. Details like pine wood trim and crisp white tongue and groove siding continue the charming rustic look of the house. 

Finished Product

The homeowners pose with the team, thrilled that their brand new tiny home is everything they’d hoped for!

Compact Chic

The team is at it again, building another petite-yet-perfectly-functional home equipped with every modern luxury. 

Partners in Crime

Zach, Tyson and Jason channel their inner lumberjacks while they conquer this project. 

Charming Kitchen

Just through the bright orange door, this tiny home feels immediately cozy, rustic, and bursting with quaint charm. 

Creative Storage

The kitchen doesn’t waste an inch of storage space, with the help of rustic mounted shelves and hanging storage for pots and pans. While the space could easily feel cluttered, design details like ceramic tile backsplash and rustic accessories make every element feel intentional and charming. 

Dining with a View

Next to the kitchen, a butcher block countertop doubles as dining seating with the help of two industrial stools. The counter is perfectly placed just below a large window, so the homeowners can enjoy their view over breakfast. 

Cozy Seating Area

This neutral couch adds ample seating to the living space. Eclectic details like this tree stump side table and rust colored throw pillows add visual interest to the neutral surroundings. 

Loft Luxuries

This warm and cozy lofted bed even comes with a cute serving tray for tea or breakfast in bed. 

Sleek Bathroom

What tiny luxury home would be complete without a luxurious bathroom? This home is no exception with it’s modern white sink, dark wood framed vanity mirror, and industrial stainless steel-lined shower. 

Charming Cabin on Wheels

This tiny home has plenty of curb appeal thanks to lovely details like wooden shutters and window boxes. 

Bright and Airy Living Space

The interior of this tiny home feels surprisingly spacious, thanks to a balanced combination of earthy tones, from the sage walls to the dark wood floors. 

House Warming

Two closets and a lofted storage area give the homeowners plenty of places to tuck away their belongings. And there’s still space for a mini iron fireplace in between all of the storage solutions, which literally and aesthetically warms the home. 

Open and Inviting

The other side of this tiny home holds a bright white kitchen space, bathroom, and lofted bedroom. 

Crafty Kitchen

The crisp white marble countertops, sleek cabinets, and appliances brighten up the tiny home. Not to mention, even within limited square feet, this kitchen boasts every modern luxury, from a full-sized fridge to stove. 

Versatile Space

A rustic, sliding door separates the kitchen from the bathroom, but can easily slide open to make the whole home feel more spacious. 

Cool and Contemporary

Before even entering this ultra contemporary tiny house, the cool aesthetic is instantly apparent thanks to the exposed wood and black painted exterior. 

Industrial Chic

Inside this tiny home, the industrial chic look is immediately apparent, amped up by black metal stairs. The contemporary kitchen is sleek and simple, but includes plenty of unique design elements, like Edison bulb lights.  

Creative Counterspace

To maximize on space, plus add a unique design touch, this spice rack folds down into extra counterspace or a dining table. 

Lighted Loft

Above the kitchen is a lofted bed with a slanted ceiling. Thanks to a skylight and adjacent window, this tiny sleeping space feels comfortably open rather than cramped. 

Clever Closet

A loft space on the other side of the home is cleverly used as a spacious closet and storage area. 

Job Well Done

The 'Tiny Luxury' team and homeowners pose in front of yet another successful custom tiny home execution. 

Photo By: 052022013297

About the show

Tiny Luxury follows husband and wife tiny home builder duo, Tyson and Michelle Spiess. Together with her two brothers and their wives they run the country's premier, high-end tiny home building company. They make luxurious custom homes that can all hit the highway so their clients can live however they want, wherever they want. In each episode we'll see a tiny home built from start to finish as this team works to fit every single client wish item into a space suited to travel anywhere.

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