The Hottest Hosts of DIY Network

Sure, DIY Network has a great cast of talented hosts. But it's no secret that they also happen to be some of TV's hunkiest handymen. So, go ahead, and check them out. Just beware of drooling.

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Yard Crashers">

Matt Blashaw, Yard Crashers

This licensed contractor isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. And with his can-do attitude and charismatic personality, it's no wonder we're crushing on Matt. That adorable smile doesn't hurt either. So cute!
Kitchen Impossible">

Marc Bartolomeo, Kitchen Impossible

It should come as no surprise that Marc has dabbled in modeling, but there's more to this smokin' hot carpenter than his tall, dark and handsome exterior. Just give him a kitchen to make over, and you'll really see the magic unfold.
Brother Vs. Brother">

Drew Scott, Brother Vs. Brother

One of People magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2013, Drew is a winning combination of classic good looks, bold charisma and expert negotiating skills. Bonus? This is one man who can really rock a power suit.
Brother Vs. Brother">

Jonathan Scott, Brother Vs. Brother

Magic man Jonathan is a good-looking guy of many talents. Let him charm you with his jokes or impress you with his tantalizing illusions. Either way, we know he'll captivate your heart.
House Crashers">

Josh Temple, House Crashers

Cute as can be and adventurous to boot, Josh gets just as excited about new challenges and world travels as we do when a new episode of House Crashers comes on. And that means very excited.
Yard Crashers">

Ahmed Hassan, Yard Crashers

Is it his ability to turn a blah yard into a lush paradise or his charm and wit that have captured our hearts? Or maybe it's the fact that this fit landscaper is undoubtedly the total package. We heart Ahmed!
Kitchen Cousins">

Anthony Carrino, Kitchen Cousins

Rugged good looks and scruff that's to die for make Anthony one swoon-worthy dude. No wonder this manly man was included on TV Guide's 2012 list of hottest handymen. *Sigh*
Kitchen Cousins">

John Colaneri, Kitchen Cousins

Good looks must run in the family. Like his cousin, Anthony, John's muscular build and inviting smile are making us weak at the knees. Who wouldn't want to kiss this cousin?
I Hate My Bath">

Jeff Devlin, I Hate My Bath

From complete renovations to expert advice, Jeff is the kind of guy you'd want on your team. The fact that he's easy on the eyes is just a bonus.
Bath Crashers">

Matt Muenster, Bath Crashers

As a licensed contractor, Matt can pretty much do it all. And if that isn't enough to put him on your hottie radar, his boyish good looks are bound to do the trick.
Man Caves">

Jason Cameron, Man Caves

Boasting steely blue eyes and bulging muscles, this is one hunky handyman we wouldn't mind having around the house.
Vanilla Ice Goes Amish">

Rob Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish

What '90s chick didn't swoon over this lyrical bad boy? His sick beats and darling dimples could melt even the iciest of hearts. The fact that he's handy in the home? That only makes him harder to resist!

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