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Families who have outgrown their homes get help finding spaces in impossible places. Follow along as Rob Evans, his partner Brandon, designer Mia and crew chief Ana create amazing additions and space-saving renovations in places you never thought possible. You don't need to move when you run out of space, you just need to look in the right spot.

13 Clever Space-Saving Solutions

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9 Stylish Options for Staircase Storage

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Wine Cellar Storage

Create a space to display your wine collection that also functions as a interesting work of art. Design by Nicole Sassaman

Pet Alcove

This under-stair storage featured in HGTV's 2014 Dream Home provides a stylish place for a furry friend. The alcove also features a Dutch door to keep pets up while guests are over, while still allowing them to see the party. Design by Linda Woodrum

Photo By: Eric Perry

Multipurpose Storage

Space under the stairs can be used to store any odds and ends that tend to make thier way into our lives. Because of its close proximity to the kitchen, this storage space was used as a mini bar, but the space could also be used to store a book collection or used as a crafting space. Design by John Gidding.

Small Space Storage

Under stairs can be an ideal place for an office in a small space. Looks like poised pup, Chauncey, approves! Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Basement Storage

These basement stairs also function as an extra computer space. Tip: Due to the nature of basement stairs, it is important to assess the stability of the stairs before adding any storage underneath.

Entryway Storage

Storage underneath an entry staircase is the perfect place to hide all the shoes, keys, backpacks and coats that always end up crowding the floor space next to the front door. This allows for grab-and-go access for often-used items.

Living Room Storage

Expand your living room space by adding an entertainment center under your stairs. Design by Alicia Friedmann

Kitchen Storage

This bar area was crafted under the staircase for maximum functionality, even featuring an under-the-counter refrigerator. The space can also be used as additional cabinet storage for your unending supply of cups and plates.

Pantry Storage

This small space from HGTV's Meg's Great Rooms features a pantry under the staircase for easy access as well as hidden storage.

Photo By: Jean-Marc Giboux/Getty Images

Season 1, Episode 1

From Maze to Masterful

Sasha and Scott love their neighbourhood and their house but the layout is beyond strange. The master bedroom has a walk in closet INSIDE a bathroom, which also acts as an office area that is only accessible through the master bedroom. With one child still sleeping in their room and Sasha's desire to add a third, they are in desperate need of another bedroom, a bathroom and a separate office to manage Sasha's successful home business. Rob and Mia vie for bragging rights and create an amazing space.

Jul 3
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 2

Cramping My Style

Gary and Irina have a small house, two kids and not enough space. They're bursting at the seams and crawling all over each other. They prepare food in the kids' playroom, do crafts in the kitchen, and eat meals on the couch. And now, Irina's Mom is coming to live with them. Mia and Rob present two great design solutions. They just have to make one big design decision. Whose will they choose?

Jul 10
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 3

My Space

Krista and Vinh love their daughter, but they need an adult space to unwind and call their own. Her toys and clothes have been spilling over to other parts of the house, including their bedroom. With a tiny master bathroom that can barely fit two people and a sauna that functions as a storage closet, they've called upon Rob and Mia to help them build an oasis for adults. But will a leaky situation sidetrack the team?

Jul 17
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 4

Reno Lullaby

Alex and Alexie are new parents. The arrival of their beautiful daughter has made their shift work even more of a challenge. With a cramped, squeaky second floor, they can't shower or get undressed upstairs without waking her up and are now forced to wash and change clothes in the kitchen. A sound sleep for them is now a luxury! Rob and Mia will need to solve all their issues, but will a stinky obstacle get in their way?

Jul 24
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 5

Everything In Its Place

When sports enthusiasts Graham and Heather welcomed a second son, they went from a manageable space to a double purpose nursery and triple duty bedroom. Their master bedroom now includes a workspace for Graham and a play space for their sons. With bikes in the laundry room, hockey, ski gear and canoes in the basement, they are frustrated by their lack of storage and kid friendly place to play. Heather and Graham will need to decide between a functional jam packed basement or a separate office and master suite bathroom on the second or third floor.

Jul 31
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 6

Four Storeys and Five Years Ago

Angela and Tavis bought their four-storey Row House five years ago when they were newlyweds. Five years later, they've turned into a family of four and the house is proving to be a challenge for their expanding family. Now Angela's parents are moving in. Where will they sleep? When you have only one shower up three flights of stairs, the options for their aging parents are limited. Or are they?

Aug 7
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 7

Bring In The Light

Stacey and Omer feel like prisoners in a dungeon. Their rooms are gloomy, dark and lack storage. The kitchen is dysfunctional and with only one bathroom for a family of four, their son has taken to peeing in the back yard. Mia and Rob are up for the challenge of creating a light filled functional space but will an unexpected discovery run them over budget?

Aug 14
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 8

Word War Three

Rob and Mia have been contacted by Tessa and Phil, a lovely couple with a son and a daughter who fight non-stop because they share a bedroom. This house is not big enough for the four of them. With only two bedrooms and one washroom to share on the floor, this family is stepping all over each other. Rob and Mia need to find them a solution fast, before world war three breaks out in their house.

Aug 21
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 9

A Happy But A Crowded Life

When Dayana and Steve first moved in, their house felt enormous and spacious. Then came the wedding, a dog, and a baby. They now resort to a butcher block as their dining room table and their unfinished basement doubles as their personal storage locker. Dayana and Steve are left to decide between a working kitchen or a laundry room they are no longer afraid of.

Aug 28
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 10

Up or Down

Sabrina and Daryl once described their house as cute and adorable, but after two years, their dysfunctional space has left them in disarray. Cooking out of the garage and midnight bathroom trips to the main floor with their two young children has become tiresome. An unforeseen hazard could derail the whole project and send them running.

Sep 4
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 11

Chaos Reins

Two boys and ten years later, Laura and Mike have outgrown their house. The basement has been taken over by their young boys and Laura now feels trapped in her kitchen. An unexpected structural issue has the entire renovation in limbo.

Sep 11
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 12

One Too Many Walls

Yolanda and Raphael feel like prisoners in their own home. Raphael eats dinner beside their pet bird and Yolanda now works out of the nursery. Can Rob and Mia find a way to overcome the poor layout and restore the home of their dreams?

Sep 18
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 13

From Hair Salon to Family Home

Four years ago, Kristina and Daniel bought their first home, which turned out to be a repurposed hair salon. The kitchen is inconveniently on the second floor and their only shower is too gross to use. Mia and Rob take on the challenge as Kristina and Daniel decide between eating at a kids table or baths over showers.

Sep 25
7:30am | 6:30c