10 Wow-Worthy Renovations You Need to See

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the renovations. Take a look back at a few of our favorite flips from Texas Flip N Move.

Photo By: JGaines

Photo By: JGaines

Photo By: JGaines

Photo By: JGaines

Photo By: JGaines

Photo By: JGaines

The Birdhouse: Before

Built in the 1970s, the green-trimmed duplex has more than its fair share of issues: wasps, mold, a terrible smell you can’t shake. If the Snow sisters want to turn a profit, they’ll have to take the two-for-one steal from zero to hero before auction time.

The Birdhouse: After

Affectionately dubbed “The Birdhouse,” the sisters add playful accents to the outside of the home and a mini porch to boot. 

The Birdhouse: Living Space

By combining both houses, the Snow sisters double the living and kitchen spaces, increasing their chances of a big profit at auction. Plus, the ceiling went from an eyesore to an eyeful with the help of exposed wood beams. 

The Bluebonnet House: Before

The long-neglected home requires more than just TLC, part of it needs to be removed entirely. An infestation of termites proves to be the undoing of half the former duplex, which gives Cody and Suzi less house – but more money – to play with. 

The Bluebonnet House: After

The Young Guns don’t let a snafu get in the way of a sale. After cutting off half the house, the duo build on an adorable porch, and give the newly-formed one-bed, one-bath bungalow brand-new siding, insulation and paint job. 

The Bluebonnet House: Bedroom

Suzi gives the bedroom a splash of color that one potential buyer dubs “manly fuchsia.” (Move over, Greenery.) She adds a custom touch with stenciling on the far wall.

Don't forget to check out the keg in the kitchen. Yes, we’re serious.

The Old Fort Worth House: Before

Daddy Snow, HD Snow, has a special mission for his two daughters: bring the Old Fort Worth house home. The house was originally built by the Snow sisters’ great-grandfather in the 1920s, and has been moved twice before by the Snow family. HD also spent part of his childhood there, so there’s family history coming out of the walls.

The Old Fort Worth House: After

While the house was in decent shape when the Snow sisters bought it, there were a few necessary changes to be made: a new roof, windows, and repairing the floors in the kitchen were the big ticket items.

With HD’s seal of approval, the two-bed, one-bath house is ready for auction. Only, HD doesn’t have the heart to go through with a sale, so it’s officially staying in the family. 

The Old Fort Worth House: Library

The sisters convert the master bedroom into a quaint library, with large windows ideal for plenty of natural light. And the reading nook is a wonderful space to curl up with a good book. 

The Passenger Train Car: Before

The 80-foot-long passenger train may have reached the end of the line, but it has potential to be a great home. The window-lined car allows for an abundance of natural light, and it’s recently been wired for electricity. There’s one major drawback: the entire floor must be replaced. Will it be too costly of an undertaking?

The Passenger Train Car: After

The Snow sisters completely revamp the historical passenger car, but strive to maintain the integrity of the space, of course. The outside looks fresher than ever, and the pair keep the original light fixtures as a reminder of the structure’s past life on the rails. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind home.

The Passenger Train Car: Living Space

The custom-made rolling counter in the kitchen is ideal for food preparation and entertaining. Plus, those new floors look amazing, don’t they?

The King Train: Before

With the word “condemned” stamped on the side, it’s hard to imagine what any flipper could see in the rundown railcar. But Gary’s Girls find themselves on the winning side of the auction, and they’re up for the challenge. Once inside, there’s plenty to work with and much of the furniture could be repurposed…just don’t go in the bathroom. *Faints at the sight.* 

The King Train: After

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for the tiny home. Gray laminate flooring, a wood burning stove and the newly vaulted ceiling make the space livable, and the bathroom’s refurbished shower is a huge win for Team Gary’s Girls. 

The King Train: Bedroom

Instead of hiding the pipes, the team highlighted them using cooper paint to add to the industrial vibe of the home. The bookshelves in the bedroom provide both storage and style. Joe King, the original seller of the railcar, loved the renovation so much, he bought it for $41,000 on the spot. It’s all in a day’s work for our flippers. 

The Courtyard Containers: Before

Nearly-new containers provide a blank canvas for Casey and Catrina, but it also means they’ll have to install insulation, electrical and air conditioning systems themselves… Hey, nobody ever said flipping is easy. 

The Courtyard Containers: After

Two containers quickly became four as Gary’s Girls shared additional containers from a failed sale with Casey and Catrina. With the added space, the pair had enough room to create two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A removable privacy wall gives future homeowners the ability to enjoy quality time away from any neighbors. 

The Courtyard Containers: Outdoor Area

The patio space with its fully equipped outdoor kitchen is perfect for grilling and relaxing. We’re putting in our RSVP now for any and all future BBQs.  

The Centerpoint House: Before

The odd layout of the home leaves Casey and Catrina puzzled and the pair must figure out what to do with the addition, which was built on a concrete slab. Should they take it with the rest of the house or leave it behind?

The Centerpoint House: After

Casey and Catrina utilize the addition for an all-new master wing, complete with a spa-like bathroom. But it’s not just the future homeowners’ that have their own space, it’s their kids, too. The entire house comes together in the joint living area and kitchen, which Casey customizes with LED lighting above the cabinets. 

The Centerpoint House: Kid's Bedroom

Kids will be climbing on the walls to claim the second bedroom – literally. Casey and Catrina decorate the kid’s room with bright colors and a custom rock climbing wall that any kid would love to have in their room. (Well, at least, we would.)   

The Barno House: Before

Catrina sees a money maker in the completely empty barn, but Casey has trouble envisioning the “barndominium” concept. Catrina’s determined to make a believer out of Casey, and once the costly essentials are in place, they’ll be able to play with the décor to make it their own. 

The Barno House: After

Casey and Catrina keep the barn feel intact, playing up the openness of the living area and build a loft, which is great for guests. 

The Barno House: Master Bathroom

The master bathroom features a unique saloon door for the shower, perfect for cowboys and cowgirls – sorry, future homeowners. 

The Junkyard House: Before

Apocalyptic is a good way to describe the state of the house. It’s seen a recent demo, and the Snow sisters are ready to pick up where the former homeowners left off – if only they can navigate the missing planks and haphazardly placed moving materials. 

The Junkyard House: After

The Snow sisters decide on French country décor for the home, mixing soft, calming colors with rustic charm. 

The Junkyard House: Kitchen

The spool table in the kitchen complements the overall feel of the house, and is the perfect size for the small, yet functional space.  

The Wine House: Before

An already loaded-up house, ready to move, is one heck of a bargain – one Casey and Catrina can’t refuse. There’s not much to the 3-bedroom house on the outside (see the giant, gaping hole) and it’s absolutely covered in asbestos. But ever the optimist, Catrina sees a future in the vaulted ceilings and big bedrooms and Casey’s willing to give it a go.

The Wine House: After

Casey and Catrina leave the living and kitchen areas open, and highlight the gorgeous ceilings with exposed wood beams. The pair make room for a dining area by taking away one of the bedrooms – an unconventional choice, but it all works out in the end. (And the wine rack is an amazing bonus!)

The Wine House: Kitchen

The potential buyers make a few asks of Casey and Catrina: build an island for the kitchen, install a pantry door and construct a swing for the porch. Who knew such small changes could make such a BIG difference?! 

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