About the Show

Across America, people are turning back time, finding forgotten old houses and restoring them to their former glory. We'll follow these homeowners as they get their hands dirty transforming these "houses with history" into the homes of their dreams. They'll save what they can and scour antique shops and salvage yards for period-perfect fixtures and details that honor each house's past and preserve it for generations to come.

Season 1, Episode 1

Detroit Family Fix

Chris and his wife, Amy, think they've lucked out when they find his old family home back on the market in Detroit. To their dismay, it's abandoned and completely unlivable. Undeterred, Chris and Amy decide to update it with modern amenities while keeping its historical charm intact. From knocking down walls and reproducing original wallpaper to searching for the perfect feet for a clawfoot tub, bringing the old house back to life turns out to be quite an adventure for the young family.

May 30
7pm | 6c