Top 10 Upcycling Projects From Salvage Dawgs

We’re celebrating ten seasons of Robert, Mike and the crew at Black Dog Salvage by ranking the dawgs’ best projects from each season.

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Photo By: Brett Winter Lemon/Getty Images

Photo By: Sam Dean/ Getty Images

Season 1

We knew we had a hit on our hands when Mike turned this vintage oak Singer piano into a bar complete with lit cabinets. And to go completely over the top, the piano’s foot pedals were even used as the light switches. It was the perfect piece for the ultimate entertainer.

Season 2

Lots of people use vintage or repurposed materials to make things, but the Salvage Dawgs take it to another level by using unexpected materials. Like really unexpected. Like making a bed frame out of horse jump poles!

Season 3

One man’s trash is Mike’s upcycle treasure. In season three, he took this side-of-the-road dresser and turned it into a cottage-chic blue settee. Not one to forget function, Mike kept several drawers for storage, too.

Season 4

The Salvage Dawgs don’t waste any materials. Even tiny scraps are used for projects. In season four, this custom mirror was created by piecing together and molding mismatched wall trim.

Season 5

One of the most fascinating things about Salvage Dawgs is watching old, antique items with no purpose find a new life as something modern and functional. In season five, Mike and Tim built this free-standing, double-hanger wine rack from salvaged wooden brick molds. The piece even came with custom iron holders.

Season 6

Vintage trunks and suitcases are upcycle gold with infinite furniture possibilities. In season six, Grayson and Mike turned an old trunk into a custom bench seat complete with wooden legs and a padded, red cushion.

Season 7

Don’t have room for an actual mudroom? Create a mobile one! Mike created a rolling clothes rack in season seven by combining an old tool chest and house shutters. He also added a cushion and refinished brass fixtures for a truly custom and chic piece.

Season 8

This project is our favorite from season eight and probably our favorite upcycle from the show so far. The team created an industrial-chic chaise lounge from a furniture factory conveyor belt.

Season 9

As Mike always says, “It’s functional art.” In season nine, Mike, Tay and Grayson created a custom chandelier using a salvaged wooden panel for the base. For lighting, they used glass insulators as recessed lighting fixtures.

Season 10

In the show’s season 10 premiere, Mike completed one of the biggest upcycles we’ve seen on Salvage Dawgs by turning an old airplane hull into a desk. There are so many more incredible upcycles in store this season. Catch new episodes of Salvage Dawgs on Wednesday at 9l8c.

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