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Georgian-Style Mansion

This 19th-century southern mansion once belonged to a Charleston, S.C. shipping merchant. The Georgian-style home shows influences from the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, including these Greek-style columns that tower above the front portico.

Georgian-Style Mansion: Dual Stair Entry

The elegant front staircase in this Charleston, S.C. mansion was designed with tradition in mind. The heart-shaped dual stair offeres a regal welcome to all visitors.

Georgian-Style Mansion: Statue and Entryway

Just inside the entrance to this Charleston, S.C. mansion is this imposing statue that offers a visual keynote to the home's classical styling.

Georgian-Style Mansion: Entry Hall

From the floor to the ceiling, the welcoming entryway in this Charleston mansion is appointed in fine woodwork and elegantly refined touches.

Georgian-Style Mansion: Parlor

High ceilings on the first floor are a common characteristic of historic Charleston homes, as seen in this Georgian-style mansion that once belonged to a wealthy shipping merchant.

Georgian-Style Mansion: Parlor Furnishings

The parlor in this Charleston, S.C. mansion is furnished in a formal style and houses a collection of Eastern artwork including statues and pottery.

Georgian-Style Mansion: Twin Parlors

As exemplified in this elegant Georgian-Style home, twin parlors became popular in Charleston during the 19th century. Dual parlors such as these could be opened up to provide  space for large parties or closed off and used separately for more intimate gatherings.

Converted Carriage House

This charming Charleston, S.C. home was built as a carriage house for a neighboring building in the 1850s. The arched front door was originally designed for horse-drawn buggies to pass through.

Converted Carriage House: Dining Room

The traditional decor in this converted carriage house complements the home's timeless architectural details, including crown molding, wainscoting and stately fireplaces.

Converted Carriage House: Kitchen and Dining Area

In this beautifully renovated Charleston carriage house, the dining room and kitchen offer views of the small courtyard behind the home. The rear of the property also features a quaint guesthouse perfect for visitors.

Converted Carriage House: Master Bedroom

In this charming Charleston, S.C. carriage house, the cozy master bedroom's warm color palette offers a soft complement to the polished hardwood floors and hand-carved antique furniture.

Converted Carriage House: Master Bath

In this converted carriage house in Charleston, S.C., the master bathroom offers a stylistic change of pace from the rest of the home. The renovated and enlarged master bath is sleek and modern with above-counter sinks and a glass-enclosed shower.

Single-Style Home

This circa-1760 home, located on the prestigious waterfront area known as The Battery, was built in the single style, a compact architectural style that's unique to Charleston.

Single-Style Home: Front Porch

A common feature of Charleston's single-style homes is an orientation with the home's side facing the street to help ensure privacy. In this residence, the side door leads to a large porch overlooking a lush garden.

Single-Style Home: Living Room

In this historic Charleston, S.C. home, several of the building's original details are visible in the living room, including the exposed brick wall and the support beams in the ceiling.

Single-Style Home: Master Bedroom

In this historic Charleston, S.C. home, a muted color palette lends a calming feel to the master bedroom suite, which features a sitting area and a porch overlooking the yard.

Single-Style Home: Patio

In this historic Charleston, S.C. home, the poolside patio comes complete with a wet bar perfect for entertaining.

About the show

Blogger and general contractor Trent Fasnacht is a passionate restoration expert who takes on dilapidated houses in historic Charleston, South Carolina, and transforms them back into the beautiful homes they once were.
Season 1, Episode 1

Kitchen Resurrection

Trent begins work on an abandoned 1895 home in Charleston, South Carolina. The massive house has a kitchen on the old porch. Trent tears out the kitchen and rebuilds a new one in the heart of the home.

Oct 4
7am | 6c
Season 1, Episode 2

Making a Grand Entrance

Trent tackles the front entrance and common room in a home that hasn't been lived in for over 50 years. Trent wrestles with the front door's historic hardware and attempts to expose a 100-year-old fireplace. Meanwhile, the living room goes from busted and broken to rebuilt and beautiful.

Oct 4
7:30am | 6:30c
Season 1, Episode 3

Sweet Master Suite

Trent begins renovating an old bedroom into a full master suite. He adds a beautiful, functional bathroom and a massive walk-in closet. Trent must also determine what to do with a historic fireplace that's in ruins.

Oct 4
8am | 7c
Season 1, Episode 4

Bedrooms, Bats and Beadboard

An unwanted visitor appears while Trent is gathering precious beadboard from the ceiling of the abandoned home. Trent must also figure out how to turn an old dining room into a new mudroom, laundry room and bathroom. He and his partner, Bryant, attempt to build a brick wall inside the home.

Oct 4
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 1, Episode 5

Appleby of My Eye

While restoring the home's exterior and working on the porch, Trent and his crew experience an unexpected setback. Trent finds three sisters who are descendants of the family who originally built the house back in 1895, and he invites them to see the house when the restoration project is complete.

Oct 4
9am | 8c
Season 1, Episode 6

Low Country Cottage Unease

Trent restores the first floor of a cottage by rebuilding the stairs, kitchen, living room and dining room. He finds antique appliances and has them fixed up to place back into the kitchen, and he gets creative when he realizes that there's no room for the half-bath he wants to add on the first floor.

Oct 4
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 1, Episode 7

Raising the Roof for Room

Trent opens up the roof of the cottage in order to add more square footage for a master bathroom. In the master bathroom, he adds signature touches like an antique vanity and a unique accent to the floor. Trent also meets with traditional sweetgrass basket weavers to gain a little inspiration before decorating the master bedroom.

Oct 4
10am | 9c
Season 1, Episode 8

Charleston Cottage Curb Appeal

For a cottage that has no curb appeal, Trent rolls up his sleeves and attacks the exterior of the small historic home. Not content with only adding two porches, Trent safely removes asbestos-ridden siding and replaces it with siding that matches exactly to the time period. He also restores an old shed, turning it into a rustic hangout in the backyard.

Oct 4
10:30am | 9:30c

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