Step Back to Beautiful 'Old California' With 'Restored'

When classic homes meet 21st-century preservation techniques, the results are nothing short of stunning. On an all-new season of Restored, Brett Waterman and his team reveal even more of the Golden State's gorgeous architectural history.

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One-of-a-Kind Formal Dining Room

The formal dining room in this stately Mission Revival mansion reflects both the home’s Arts and Crafts heritage and the property’s jaw-dropping directional view, which stretches all the way from the San Bernardino Mountains, through the San Gabriel Valley and out to the southern California coast. Brett’s friend John reproduced that panorama with a hand-painted mural that wraps around two walls—and echoes the murals at Riverside’s stately Mission Inn, which was built by the same architect who designed this residence.

Circa-1913 Kitchen

Brett peeled back the flooring in this kitchen and was thrilled to find the original linoleum. By reapplying moisture to the antique material and patching worn spots with spare pieces from beneath the cabinets, he was able to restore an essential element of the room’s character.

Historic Home Office

White paint masked the elegant look of much of this home’s original wood surfaces. Brett and his team took those trimmings and floors back in a more natural and era-appropriate direction, and he let cues from old photographs of the property guide him as he made design decisions in classic spaces like this one.

Delicate Exterior Details

When Brett’s clients purchased this home, its Spanish Colonial and Arts and Crafts features were indistinguishable from the rest of its face. In a soft shade of olive green, those flourishes get the attention they deserve. Trees like the deodar cedar Brett chose for the front yard, in turn, have been popular focal points in California landscaping since the 19th century.

Picture-Perfect Front Door

Stripped, scrubbed with steel wool and freshly stained, this handcrafted piece is a fitting introduction to an historic home. Like the door, the stained-glass panels are original to the property in 1913—and a third window is visible on a landing in the staircase that greets visitors once they step inside.

Traditional Front Porch

True to its Arts and Crafts influences, this home has a killer sitting area along its front face. Brett paid tribute to its vivid, original persimmon paint—visible when he chipped down beneath layers of subsequent color—by adding outdoor upholstery in warm, deep tones.

Arts and Crafts Living Room

This home’s previous owner was so committed to maintaining its history that they wanted to interview prospective buyers to be sure its new custodians would honor its heritage. Brett did just that by restoring this room’s original, intimate architecture and re-facing the fireplace with dramatic tile salvaged from another property of the same age.

Southern California Charmer

Built in 1906 in Redlands, this Arts and Crafts marvel sold to its newest owners before they’d laid eyes on it. Luckily for them, Brett discovered its carpenter’s original notes when he was combing the property—and he was able to fulfill its dazzling exterior’s promise by bringing its interior spaces back to their original glory.

Serene Sitting Area

The aquatic shades that carry from this peaceful space’s walls across its area rug are especially appropriate given its new functionality: Brett added a pair of French doors that lead out to the home’s expansive yard and swimming pool.

Midcentury Ranch House

Brett’s clients bought this house from one of their family’s patriarchs with the intention of turning it into a gathering place. With meticulous new landscaping and exterior paint custom-blended to match the property’s graceful olive trees, it’s ready to welcome generations to come.

Original Plans, Realized at Last

This 1941 home was built at the height of World War II, when some materials were scarce—and its architect’s plans were ambitious and intricate nonetheless. After examining original blueprints, Brett was able to honor those intentions by adding luxurious red oak flooring—a crucial connection between the spaces inside and outside these showstopping windows—and planting a California sycamore on the property.

Dining Nook

Iconic midcentury pieces like this tulip table and quartet of chairs carry character throughout this home and reflect its roots. As the house’s new owner remarked, “Pops”—her grandfather, who owned and loved the property for more than 60 years—“would be dancing.”

Hilltop Mediterranean Revival

Brett’s clients came to their renovation with 160-year-old tiles that inspired their vision: They wanted to double down on the decorative details characteristic of Mediterranean Revival homes, and they wanted to shake off ill-advised updates from previous owners. Brett replaced an awkward tubular banister on the second floor with a hand-turned wooden balustrade, then stripped away a pair of trellises to let the Juliet balcony take center stage.

Tile-Inspired Kitchen

The panel of vintage tiles between the freestanding range and hood is the centerpiece for this room’s old-and-new-again Mediterranean look: Teal tiles extend the color story, and a custom-built archway frames the kitchen’s focal point in one direction and the home’s stunning hilltop view from another.

A Living Room with Personality

With interior arches and delicate ironwork on curtain rods, sconces and the massive hearth, this space has regained its sunny European character. Styling was as simple as dipping into its owner’s massive collection: She’d been dreaming of this sort of space for a long time, and she finally has a proper place for the intricate objects she loves.

1901-Meets-2018 Kitchen

Crisp white cabinetry and high-contrast tile make this expanded space feel fresh and welcoming, while turn-of-the century furnishings recall its era of origin. This home is ready for its next chapter.

Neoclassical-Victorian Details

Built in the first year of the last century, this diminutive home is brimming with ornate embellishments. The buttery shade of yellow Brett chose as an accent color draws the eye to the impressive plasterwork above the front gable and defines the space on the front porch.

Dramatic Dining Room

Brett was tasked with completing this 117-year-old home’s renovations before its new owners’ impending wedding, and he pulled together a grand space for classically-inspired entertaining just in time.

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