Rehab Addict: Run-Down Home Renovations

Reviving historic homes is Nicole Curtis' speciality. Look through some of our favorite renovations from Season 8 to fuel your own makeover.

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Rehab Addict Host Nicole Curtis

Nicole Curtis is a guru on all things reno and rehab. Take a look at the spaces she saved throughout Season 8.

Before: Not Much Here

Not much could be salvaged from this house Nicole tackled in the 14 Mile. Although the structure remained intact, everything down to the window casings had to be replaced.

After: Has It All

With new casings and bright white treatments, the windows bring a tremendous amount of light into the space, giving the room an open and airy feel.

Before: Great Divide

Nicole walked into this space and immediately knew this wall needed to go. Once knocked down, the two small spaces would become one large bedroom.

After: More Space, No Problems

The removal of the dividing wall and the addition of sheer curtains ensure that every inch of this space is seen and used. Nicole's expertise turned this closed-off bedroom into a sweet escape.

Before: Ugly Floor Covering

Underneath the floor covering in this room, Nicole discovered real oak flooring which turned up the design potential in a major way.

After: Simply Chic

The curtain Nicole placed at the back of the bed added much-needed texture and depth to the room. The refinished oak floors ensure that no historical charm is left out.

Before: Large Tile Mistake

The large laminate tiles in this space were a dead giveaway that this bathroom had been poorly remodeled.

After: Perfectly Luxe

After replacing the large floor tiles, the rest of the bathroom came together seamlessly. A pedestal tub adds the perfect luxe touch to this space.

Before: Scary Basement

To say this space needed a lot of work would be an understatement.

After: Bonus Space

From creepy basement corner to bright work space, Nicole turned this unfinished room into a cozy space for laundry and crafts.

Before: Cramped Corner

This closed up kitchen needed an expert to see the hidden potential this space possessed. Nicole was the perfect person to tackle the job.

After: Old-World Wonder

Although she completely renovated the kitchen, Nicole was able to keep this home true to its historic roots. From the framing to the finishing touches, the old-world charm is apparent throughout the room.

Before: Neighborhood Eyesore

The vinyl siding on this home was an eyesore. Luckily, Nicole's plans for the exterior of the home included updated siding material and a lively, new color scheme.

After: Neighborhood Gem

Hello curb appeal! A new color scheme, lush sod and an adorable picket fence added just the touch this home needed.

Before: Hidden Potential

Although the natural light in this room was outstanding, the dull walls and lifelessness of the space made it almost impossible to recognize the potential of this room.

After: Discovered Potential

Fresh paint, patterned wall treatments and refinished flooring turned this room into the quintessential living space.

Before: Stairs to Nothing

This staircase had no intrigue. Nicole planned to remove the dingy carpet and add architectural interest with a new railing in hopes of making the staircase a little more inviting.

After: Staircase to Heaven

Nicole worked a miracle for the run-down staircase in this home. By removing the low-hanging ceiling and adding a spiraled aspect, this staircase not only feels open but became a show-stopping feature in this home.

Before: Bright but Plain

Nicole knew this space needed a little more light. In order to make the room more inviting, Nicole knew she needed to add a second window.

After: Bright and Beautiful

The beautiful old door maintains a sense of charm in this living room. With the addition of a second window, the space is bright and clean.

Before: Down to the Dungeon

The stairs to this basement were beyond scary. They were in desperate need of repair and design to make them feel like a cohesive part of the home.

After: Clean + Useable

After the much-needed reno took place, the staircase now fits seamlessly into the rest of the home's decor.

Before: Dirty Laundry

The existing laundry room in this house was filthy and out-of-date. Nicole knew she would have to completely renovate this room to create a functional and beautiful space.

After: Bright + White

The bright white walls and open shelving make this room feel much larger than it actually is.

After: New + Improved

When completing this room, Nicole noticed that the old washer and dryer were not in working order. She replaced them with brand new appliances that blend well into the renovated space.

Before: Just Blah Bathroom

Even though Nicole typically replaces all of the fixtures in a space, she is always able to maintain the character and charm innate to the home. This bathroom needed Nicole to bring it back to life.

After: Lively Space

With a little elbow grease, Nicole was able to take this bathroom from a dirty mess to a clean, white space.

Before: Boring Backyard

This sad exterior needed some major reno help. Luckily, Nicole had big plans to turn this dismal backyard into the perfect entertainment space.

After: Entertainment Central

Not only did Nicole bring the exterior of the home to life with a fresh coat of paint, but a brand new wooden deck adds the finishing touch this entertainment space needed.

Before: Useless Space

The second bedroom in this home was far too small to create a useful guest room. Nicole used this opportunity to create an unexpected feature.

After: En-suite Surprise

Useless space no more! The space that couldn't be used as a spare room was instead turned into an en-suite bathroom. The defining feature of this master bath is the closet Nicole fashioned out of reclaimed wood.

Before: Dingy Room

The master suite in this house was a filthy mess and incredibly outdated. Not only was the room out-of-date, but the lighting situation was less-than-desirable.

After: Cozy Suite

After removing the ceiling mirrors and cleaning up the space, Nicole turned this room into the cozy retreat it was always meant to be.

Before: Small Window

To make the space feel bigger and brighter, the first step Nicole took was to replace the the window.

After: Cottage Haven

Thanks to custom curtains and vintage accessories, Nicole took this bedroom from a closed-off corner to a cottage retreat.

Before: Run-Down Lakehouse

Before Nicole got her hands on it, this lakeside cottage looked tired and run-down.

After: Brought to Life

A few repairs and a fresh coat of paint went a long way for the exterior of this home. Nicole repaired the porch and removed the old shutters, turning this run-down property into a dreamy lakeside cottage.

Before: Blank Slate

This home's enclosed porch had unlimited potential. Nicole had big plans to restore this space back to its intended purpose and former glory.

After: Historic Charm

After re-sanding the floors and adding paneled ceiling, Nicole was able to restore the historic charm to this space and create a room that is not only useful, but a hidden home gem.

Before: Misused Space

Nicole decided to start over in this home's kitchen by replacing the existing cabinets with brand new ones and adding all new appliances for a fresh, new look.

After: Historic Space

Even though the cabinets and appliances were replaced, the framing in the dining room and throughout the kitchen helps this home maintain a historic feel.

Before: Closed-Off Corner

In order to make the closed-off space flow into the rest of the home, Nicole opened up the wall between the kitchen and the living room.

After: Open Concept

Nicole created an open-concept kitchen by getting rid of useless walls and keeping the cabinets flowing against the walls. She hit the rehab lottery when she discovered the original pine flooring underneath plywood.

After: Open Concept

A farmhouse sink and brass accents add a touch of luxury to this quaint country cottage. The dark wood butcher-block countertop accents the stained pine flooring perfectly.

Before: Kitchen of Horrors

There was so much wrong with the kitchen when Nicole stepped into it. The first step in turning this kitchen into a useful space was to replace the ruined cabinets.

After: Country Chic

After all the repairs were complete, it's as if there was no damage at all! The quaintness of this makeover is easily seen in the gingham accents and the all-white appliances.

After: Country Chic

The sheer curtains on the windows allow for natural light to flood the space and make the room feel more spacious.

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