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In north Minneapolis, Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis has six months to turn a rundown duplex back into a single-family home or the city is bringing in the wrecking ball. See the amazing before-and-afters here.
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April 08, 2015
By: Jennifer Brake
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Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Photo By: Lauren Noess

Rundown Wreck

FRONT EXTERIOR, BEFORE: Built in 1883, this house needed more than a few touch-ups to bring it back to life. The foundation was rotted, the windows were boarded up and the roof leaked. Still, Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis had high hopes for the historic home.

Perfectly Quaint

FRONT EXTERIOR, AFTER: The house is picture perfect with a leak-free green roof that pops against a freshly painted exterior. The chain link fence was replaced with a white wooden fence and the porch dons an American flag that Nicole places on every home she renovates.

Bad First Impression

ENTRYWAY, BEFORE: The boarded-up windows, basic beige and raggedy stairs made this house dark and dingy the minute you stepped through the front door.

Elegant Entry

ENTRYWAY, AFTER: The left wall was opened up to connect the entryway and the living room and an old-style runner lines the staircase.

Hidden Gem

LIVING ROOM, BEFORE: Nicole stumbled across a hidden treasure when she found a stained glass picture window completely in tact that wasn't visible from outside. This room was a bedroom when this house was a duplex, but Nicole planned to make the main living room.

Huge Selling Point

LIVING ROOM, AFTER: The restored stained glass window is one of the first features people notice on the front of the house. A doorway creates a walk way from the front entry into the living room. This doorway was original to the house, but at some point someone had closed it off.

Vandalized Property

DINING ROOM, BEFORE: The dining room had great bay windows and woodwork, but the walls had been tagged with graffiti and the hardwood floors were marred and dirty.

Primed and Polished

DINING ROOM, AFTER: After several coats of primer to cover the graffiti, the new dining room is warm and spacious with refinished floors and a raised ceiling. The ceiling is about 16 inches higher than when the project began.

Reusable Cabinetry

KITCHEN, BEFORE: The house actually had two kitchens, one upstairs and one downstairs. These cabinets from the upstairs kitchen were dated, but they were still in good shape. The upstairs kitchen was taken out completely and these cabinets were used to create one central kitchen downstairs.

Old Cabinets, New Look

KITCHEN, AFTER: The cabinets were stripped, stained and left open to create a unique look in the kitchen. Grimy linoleum was hiding the original wide-plank pine sub-floors, so those were restored to keep the authenticity of the house alive.

Beat-up Built-ins

VANITY, BEFORE: These built-in cabinets originally made up the butler's pantry for the upstairs kitchen. With the two kitchens being consolidated to one, Nicole decided to turn them into a vanity for the upstairs bathroom.

Built-in Beauties

VANITY, AFTER: With a fresh coat of paint, the cabinets are the perfect combination of farmhouse antiquity and modern amenities for the upstairs master bathroom.

Cool Clawfoot Tub

BATHROOM, BEFORE: The bathroom was tiny and cramped, but the clawfoot tub was in good condition and could be salvaged for use in the new bathroom.

Rejuvenation Station

BATHROOM, AFTER: The old tub was given new life with a rust-inhibiting spray paint on the feet and exterior and removing a few walls made this bathroom a decent size. The mismatched wood floors were created with bits of original wood found in other parts of the house and add special character to the space.

Basic Bedroom

MASTER BEDROOM, BEFORE: The master bedroom was in pretty good shape with hardwood floors and plenty of space.

Suite Interior

MASTER BEDROOM, AFTER: The room was large enough for a huge bed and a chest of drawers to provide essential storage space.

Narrow Passage

HALL, BEFORE: Getting through this hallway felt like squeezing through a mouse hole because of the narrow path and poor lighting.

Spacious Corridor

HALL, AFTER: The side wall was pushed back to allow an extra foot of walking space in the hallway, which leads to a small sewing room that could easily be converted to another home office.

Mystery Room

HOME OFFICE, BEFORE: Nicole wasn't sure what to do with this room that was just next door to the kitchen. It wasn't in terrible shape and she wanted to find a use for it without reconfiguring any walls.

Work Station

HOME OFFICE, AFTER: A fresh coat of paint and new window treatments turned this room into a great home office. A large wooden desk defines the space as an office and continues the antique charm of the rest of the house.

Blank Canvas

KID'S ROOM, BEFORE: This upper-level room was spacious and the double windows filled the space with natural sunlight.

Kid-Friendly Decor

KID'S ROOM, AFTER: With no major construction work to be done, some simple staging was all this room needed. Most of the furniture and decor has been salavaged and repurposed by Nicole.

Full of Potential

GUEST BEDROOM, BEFORE: Grime lined the walls of this bedroom upstairs, but the natural light and sizeable closet was a plus.

Accommodating Features

GUEST BEDROOM, AFTER: The smallish room still feels large with light-colored bedding, walls and curtains.

Pint-Sized Area

PLAYROOM, BEFORE: Just off the dining room was this space that was being used as a bedroom, but its small size and location made it impractical.

Perfect for Toys

PLAYROOM, AFTER: The room's location near the dining room lets parents keep an eye on the kids while entertaining or making dinner. Having a central room for toys also helps keep the rest of the house clutter-free and organized.

Boxed In

BALCONY, BEFORE: In addition to the anicient wood panels encasing this balcony, the top of the structure was left open allowing rain and snow in, but no drainage slot was ever installed.

Open and Airy

BALCONY, AFTER: With the old walls gone, the balcony offers a relaxing lookout over the backyard. The floors were given a weathered look and a drainage slot was isntalled to avoid pooling water after a storm.

Backyard Burden

BACK EXTERIOR, BEFORE: Broken glass, rotting steps and dead vegetation plagued the backyard. The porch foundation was also leaky.

Oasis on 4th Street

BACK EXTERIOR, AFTER: A new staircase and foundation look like they were always part of the original house. Finally, a tall fence adds privacy to the backyard from the alleyway and neighboring houses.

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