Psst! DIY Celebs Want to Show You Their Tattoos

Anthony Carrino, Vanilla Ice and a host of other DIY celebs share the secrets behind their ink!

Photo By: Stephanie Rau / Getty Images

Photo By: Stephanie Rau / Getty Images

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Photo By: Tomas Ovalle / Associated Press

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Photo By: Chris Amaral

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©Image courtesy of The Holmes Group

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Photo By: James McEntee/Gettyimages

Amy Matthews

Amy (DIY's Sweat Equity and HGTV's Renovation Raiders) loved working with Habitat for Humanity in Thailand so much that she marked the moment with a stamp. Find out what it means in the next slide.

Amy's Tat Up Close

The beautiful, flowing script means "humanity" in Thai.

Alison Victoria

IRL, Alison (Kitchen Crashers) is tattoo-free, but she did let one homeowner — who also happened to be a tattoo artist — paint the show logo on her arm.

Jake Moss

Did you know that Jake (Yardcore) used to be in a Ska band? He loves the music so much that he had the label of his favorite record studio, Trojan Records, inked on his chest.

I Named My Son Phoenix

Themes of rebirth and rising up from adversity are close to Jake's heart and influenced him to get a tattoo of a phoenix on his bicep. Because it means so much to him, Jake even named his son Phoenix.

Ink-lover Anthony Carrino Gets a Tattoo a Year!

Anthony (Kitchen Cousins) is such a fan of ink that he gets about a tattoo a year. Check out the hawk and the raven inside his forearm: "The hawk stands for tenacity, passion and the drive to go after what you want. The raven is a symbol of self-awareness and introspection."

Reinvent Yourself

Anthony says, "If something doesn't work, turn into flames, and do it again."

John Colaneri

John (Kitchen Cousins) sports a family crest with the phrase, "fratelli culinari" meaning "culinary brothers." (We don't know what that means, exactly, though we do know that John and Anthony are delicious to watch on the show!)

Family Is Everything

John's wrist says, "Family is Everything," and lists the names of his brothers, mom and dad. He hopes to make this the base of a much larger tattoo of his family tree (awww!).

Mike Holmes

Mike's (Holmes on Homes) tattoos evolved from a couple of fading stamps he got as a teenager. Following his motto of doing things right, Mike replaced them and now sports two bold pieces of art on his bulging guns. The tattoo on his right arm shows a large English bulldog that proudly stands over a "Make It Right" sign, along with a saw, hammer and brick wall.

Strong Warrior

On his left arm, Mike sports a Viking on bended knee, the symbol of a strong warrior.

Rob Van Winkle

Rob's (Vanilla Ice Goes Amish) a Scorpio, so he got a tattoo of a scorpion on his arm. His tattoo of Krusty the Clown pays tribute to his love for The Simpsons.

Have You Ever Seen a Turtle Get Down?

Rob's favorite tattoo (And that's saying a lot!) is the image of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on his leg. Says Rob, "The TMNT generation is currently ruling the world!"

Pin It to Win It

"The tattoo on my knuckles is a motocross term meaning, 'throttle wide open.' Like in car racing, the expression they say is, 'pedal to the metal.' You have to pin it to win it!"

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