Before-and-After Makeovers: Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

Update your living room or dining room with these inspiring, budget-friendly ideas from DIY Network's hit show Money Hunters.

After: Elegantly Styled

Lively blue walls and crisp, white trim quickly transform the dining room into an elegant gathering spot. To cover unsightly radiators, handcrafted radiator covers provide additional seating and add an extra design element to the room. Rather than spend more than $1,700 on metal ceiling tiles, embossed wallpaper was added for a mere $175.

Before: Color Mishap

The unflattering color combination, paired with brass fixtures and uncoordinated lace curtains, makes this dining room appear outdated, dim and uncomfortable. A fresh coat of paint in an energizing hue can easily turn this room around.

Before: Bland and Outdated

Washed-out walls, blue carpet and outdated decor emit a poor first impression upon entering the home. New flooring, a flattering paint color and contemporary furnishings can easily give this room the facelift it desperately needs.

After: New Functionality

New hardwood floors and a neutral wall color immediately make the room feel more spacious and updated. The old green sofa was replaced with contemporary leather sofas and lounge chairs. The furniture was arranged to make the living room appear more intimate and conversational, while emitting a casual look to complement the newly designed kitchen and dining room.

Before: Historic Work-In-Progress

This historic 19th century home has seen better days. The living room needs brand-new flooring, a fireplace revival and plenty of woodwork to give it the fresh new life it's wanted for decades.

After: Contemporary Finish

The most significant transformation is the updated fireplace. The granite hearth, white mantle and contemporary tilework provide a serious focal point, especially when surrounded by custom-made built-in shelves and cabinets. Wainscoting provides a fresh complement to pale, sage walls and hardwood floors.

Before: Renovation Desperation

This dusty dining room provides the perfect blank slate for creating a makeover masterpiece.

After: Fine Dining

A neutral color palette and contemporary, country-style decor help transform the dining room into a comfortable and enjoyable space. A custom built-in unit sits nicely in the corner to hold tableware, while providing a clean focal point.

Before: Living Room Disaster

With a spacious layout and few design dilemmas, this space has plenty of potential to become the perfect family-friendly living room.

After: A Breath of Fresh Air

Off-white walls and oak floors exert a light and airy feel within the space. A refreshed bay window provides extended outside views, while offering the perfect place to showcase the homeowners' modern accessories. Rather than crowding the room with furniture and wall hangings, minimal decor and limited seating reinforce the spaciousness and prevent it from appearing too busy.

Before: In Need of TLC

The clean hardwood floors and oversized windows are definitely not getting the attention they need. Bland, mismatched furniture looks overwhelmed among heavy sofas and dark, bulky blinds.

After: Hello, Blue

The boring white walls were transformed with a fresh aqua hue, which contrasts nicely with the crisp, white trim around the windows and floor. A contemporary area rug pulls in the tan, chocolate and blue hues for a balanced look. To really open up the space, the dark wooden shades were replaced with white ones to welcome in sunlight.

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