Before-and-After Makeovers: Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom renovations often come with steep price tags. Luckily, we have some budget-friendly ideas from DIY Network's hit show Money Hunters to help stretch your remodeling dollar.
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After: Contemporary Revamp

This high-end renovation started with tearing down a separating wall and turning it into a breakfast area. The base cabinets were removed and replaced with a more contemporary alternative. New tile with radiant heating replaced old laminate flooring, and an entirely new custom ceiling and backsplash were installed.

Before: Outdated Style

With a small budget, this bland kitchen needs to turn into a high-end cooking space complete with brand-new stainless steel appliances and flooring.

Before: Behind the Times

To welcome this kitchen into the 21st century, the cabinets, flooring and countertops need a complete facelift. The entire space is in great shape, so some of the renovation can be done by repurposing certain elements that may be too expensive to replace entirely.

After: Modernized Cottage

To stay within budget and save money, the old cabinets were repurposed with new doors, white paint and brushed-nickel hardware. The navy-blue tile backsplash serves as a stunning contrast against the cabinets and walls. The 70s-style laminate flooring was replaced with sustainable cork-plank flooring. Plus, no kitchen is complete without state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances.

Before: Bland and Basic

At one time this kitchen was at the top of its game, but now it's boring, outdated and needs an inspiring splash of color. A small renovation budget will require plenty of repurposing.

After: Spicy Metallic

To stay within the budget, the current kitchen cabinets were painted a modern metallic silver to coordinate with the brand-new stainless steel appliances. Outdated countertops were replaced with neutral stone, and a beadboard backsplash showcases that "wow" factor without the cost of ceramic tiles.

Before: Home Office Disaster

This rundown home office is less than inspiring, so the homeowners want to tear down the back wall and turn the adjoining small-space bathroom into an extra-large home spa and master bathroom retreat.

After: Brand-New Purpose

The once-cramped bathroom and rundown home office was combined to create a tranquil in-home getaway. The old sink, vanity, toilet and bathtub were removed, making room for a new jet tub, double vanity and cherry cabinetry. The dingy blue carpet was replaced with stunning wall-to-wall tile.

Before: Mold Magnet

This small, awkward bathroom looks more like a bedroom than a bathroom. An oversized dresser-style vanity takes over the entire back wall, and the blue carpeting is not only visually unattractive, but it also serves as a mold magnet.

After: Replaced and Repurposed

Every bathroom should evoke a tranquil, spa-like feel and this serves its purpose as a relaxing at-home getaway. A sleek, contemporary double vanity replaced the heavy, oversized dresser and the moldy carpet was torn out and replaced with new flooring.

Before: White on White

This outdated kitchen looks especially washed out with its neutral-toned floors, cabinets and countertops. The magnetic surface on the cabinets may be useful, but it definitely looks ultra-casual and out of place.

After: Upscale Style

The kitchen essentially provided a blank canvas for a high-end renovation. However, several structural issues, including poorly placed basement stairs, required shifting in order to bring the kitchen up to par. New cabinets replaced the old magnetic metal set, and granite countertops, stone-style floors and new stainless steel appliances helped breathe new life into an outdated kitchen.

Before: Mold, Mildew and More

This fixer-upper home presented a bathroom that is far beyond the use of a sponge. The old vanity, shower and tile are outdated, dirty and desperately need to be replaced.

After: Clean Palette

This small bathroom got a complete renovation from the top down. First, the vanity, shower and toilet were given the boot, as well as the unattractive wall and floor tiles. To prevent the space from feeling cramped, the walls were painted a refreshing shade of white.

Before: Country Clutter

This country-style kitchen is in good shape overall, but wall-to-wall decor makes the space look cluttered and busy. The harsh track lighting, sage cabinetry and outdated wallpaper need to be replaced.

After: Soft Hues

To transform the kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece, several cosmetic and structural changes were made. The position of the doorway was moved to the middle of the wall, providing equidistance to the cabinets on each side. Light-wood cabinetry looks stunning against dark slate-style floors and countertops, and the tile backsplash helps to neutralize these contrasting hues.

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