Mike Holmes and Mike Jr. Build the Ultimate Garage

In the two-hour special Mike's Ultimate Garage , Mike Holmes has envisioned his state-of-the-art man cave for years, and he's finally ready to make it a reality. How will it go when he turns the jobsite over to Mike, Jr.?
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©2014. Make It Right, The Series Inc.

©2014. Make It Right, The Series Inc.

©2014. Make It Right, The Series Inc.

©2014. Make It Right, The Series Inc.

©2014. Make It Right, The Series Inc.

©2014. Make It Right, The Series Inc.

A Man Cave Like You've Never Seen

At 1850 square feet, this state-of-the-art garage will house some of the coolest gadgetry and cutting-edge technologies out there.

Digging In

Mike breaks ground on his dream project, a garage that will stand two-stories high and be fully equipped, automated, off the grid and sustainable.

Mike and Mike Jr. Survey the Plans

Too busy to build the garage himself, Mike decides to hand the white helmet to his son Mike Jr. to run the jobsite.

Taking Shape

With a stand of trees as a backdrop, the framework of the massive structure begins to come together.

It's Mike Jr.'s Project Now

Excited but overwhelmed, Mike Jr. jumps into the construction, rushing to get the exterior closed in before snowfall.

Head's Up — Way Up

Builders navigate the scaffolding and tackle the tough job of installing drywall overhead.

Solar Power Boost

Mike embraces solar technology with a battery backup to power remote-controlled skylights, car lifts, weight room, bar, entertainment system and tool shop.

The Big Reveal

It's tough for Mike to stay off the jobsite, but it's worth the wait when Mike Jr. reveals his first job and delivers his dad the garage of his dreams.

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