At Home With Anitra Mecadon

Take a peek at the home of the host of DIY Network’s hit TV show Mega Dens.
By: Holly Aguirre

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Truly Creative

After spending time in the Atlanta home of Anitra Mecadon, host of DIY Network’s Mega Dens, we think labeling her simply as rock-n-roll is a disservice. To us, she’s pure punk rock!

Automotive Finish

Who else would buy a dining room table off Craigslist for pennies on the dollar and then have her “car guy” paint it bright fuchsia?

A Little of This and a Little of That

Do you know anyone else who covered a living room sofa in white amphibian-like boat leather? “Some people think I’m crazy while others think I’m a genius,” said Mecadon. “I am just so grateful that the folks at DIY Network were able to appreciate what it is that I am doing, because some people just don’t get it.”

Made For Her

After relocating down south roughly 10 years ago, the Pennsylvania native knew that she wanted to do a design show and set out to be “the alternative Martha Stewart.” After auditioning for Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, producers liked her style so much that they created Mega Dens around her, which is now in its fifth season and preparing for a sixth.

Filled With Treasures

The John’s Creek townhome that Mecadon shares with her husband Adam and their rescue dog is an eclectic mixture of old family photos, thrift-store finds, art deco heirlooms passed down from relatives as well as original art pieces by Mecadon. Her favorites include a portrait of Adam’s father and of their dog Hershey.

Can Create Anywhere

She doesn’t have a dedicated workspace and usually doesn’t bring her work home. When she does work at home, however, she clears a space on her dining room table or just curls up on the sofa with her laptop. And, her garage is bursting with thrift store finds that may make their way into her decorating scheme or show up on an episode of Mega Dens.

Home Sweet Home

“To be perfectly honest, it’s really difficult for me to have people over because this is my sanctuary,” said Mecadon. “I always assume that people are going to judge my space because of what I do all day.”

Loving What You Do

It’s hard to find fault with someone who takes such pleasure in explaining the sentimental value of her grandmother’s lamps or her latest score from a dumpster dive. Her energy, charm and enthusiasm are downright infectious. You want to be around her in the hopes that some of that pixie dust might happen to float your way. Perhaps it because she loves what she does. “My mother never let me get down on myself and believe me, there were times that I wanted to,” she said with candor. “I just stuck with my gut instincts and never wavered from my ultimate goals. The way I look at it, if you’re following what’s in your heart, who can fault you?”

Dens Are Her Fave

For her show, Mecadon truly loves taking a space and making it what she “knows it really wants to be.” And the den just so happens to be her favorite room in the house as it’s where all the action is and where good memories are made.


What is so funny to me is that I always seem to have a gut instinct for what the room really wants to be,” she said. “I know it sounds insane, but I can look at a disastrous room and get a sense for what it really needs.” But does the family ever disagree? “Of course they have initially,” she said. “That’s why I kick them out during the process. Ultimately, they always love their new den.” Just like Mecadon herself, what’s not to like?

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