Amazingly Peaceful Hawaiian Yurts

Dreaming of going tiny, yet exotic? Peek inside two of the ultra-tranquil, circular Hawaiian homes featured on Love Yurts this season.

By: Jessica Galliart
Show: Love Yurts
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A Yurt with a View

Nathan and Jenny built their new Hawaiian yurt together as a family.

The Builders

Nathan and Jenny construct yurts for others and have decided to add a significantly large structure on their property in Hawaii to accomodate their growing family, including children Duke, Sophia and Logan.

A Yurt with a View

A view of the ocean from the front door.

Top it Off

Nathan and Jenny stretch out a layer of the cloth roof that will cover their new yurt.

Windows Open

The exterior tarp of Nathan and Jenny's new yurt keeps the weather out and the oceanfront Hawaiian 

breeze in.

That View, Though

A window view of the ocean from Nathan and Jenny's new waterfront home.

Welcome to our Yurt

A welcoming sign hangs at the front door.

Yurt Dinner Party

The new dining table is set for a party, complete with starfish accents.

Custom Kitchen

The custom wooden sink immediately grabs your attention in the kitchen area.

Door Details

Custom etching on a glass door keeps the yurt feeling a part of its surrounding natural environment.

The Living Space

This handmade wooden coffee table serves as a super stylish but functional resting place.

Two-floor Yurt

The custom-made spiral staircase doubles as interesting focal point.

From Up Top

The view from the top of the staircase of Nathan and Jenny's new yurt includes custom artwork panels that introduce a pop of color and whimsy to the second floor space.

Walls Not Needed

Cube dividers separate the upstairs bedrooms in Nathan and Jenny's new Hawaiian yurt.

Slumber Party

The boys' bedroom is spacious and complete with fun, nautical accents.

How to Build a Yurt

The Phelan family, looking to downsize and simplify, enlist Nathan Toler, Josh Keyes and Mikey Nobre to design and build their Hawaiian yurt.

Game Plan

Designer Nikki Parlow and builder Jenny Toler discuss design plans for the Phelans' new Hawaiian yurt as the Phelans' pet chicken, Jack, supervises.

Welcome Home

The Phelan family's finished yurt comes complete with a deck and sitting area.

Peek Inside

The lattice, an integral part of a yurt's structure, doubles as an interesting design element inside the Phelan family's newly finished Hawaiian yurt.

Look Up

Decorative lanterns draw the eye up to the yurt's traditionally unique centerpiece and skylight.

In Detail

This origami chandelier hanging from the ceiling is a special touch to the Phelan family's newly finished Hawaiian yurt.

Have a Seat

A desk and personalized baskets create the perfect study areas for the Phelan sisters, Emma Grace and Penny Lane, in the Phelans' newly finished Hawaiian yurt.

Compact Kitchen

This custom-made kitchen cabinet holds everything the Phelans will need to cook and enjoy meals.

Family Dinner

A low table is set for the Phelan family to enjoy meals together. 

Not an Outhouse

The Phelans' bathroom, which is more akin to a spa, sits next to their newly finished yurt.

Sleeping in Paradise

To allow room for yoga in the yurt, a custom-made murphy bed was installed for the Phelans new hideaway sleeping quarters.

Peaceful Sleep

The custom-made peace sign artwork hanging behind the Phelans' bed is a reminder of their original intention for their new living space.

G'night and Namaste

Another nighttime reminder for the Phelans in their new bed. 

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