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Scott adds $110,000 to the value of this home after his $50,000 renovation.
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DIY Insider

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45 Makeovers
45 Makeovers

Scott turns home improvements into cash value for these first-time buyers.

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Scott and his crew take drab spaces and create money-making showrooms. 

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Scott McGillivray

Real estate expert Scott McGillivray stars in DIY Network’s new home renovation and real estate series, Buyers Bootcamp. All About Scott

About the show

Contractor and real estate expert Scott McGillivray takes new homeowners under his wing and guides them through the renovation and rental of their first Income Property. Whether it's transforming basements into cash-generating apartments, or turning unused rooms into incredible rental suites, Scott guides these brand new landlords through the entire process, all the way until they cash their first rental check.
Season 11, Episode 1

Foundation for Love

Barry and his girlfriend, Jenn, need to rent Barry's cabin to help put his kids through college and to help save for he and Jenn's future together. This is a second relationship for both Barry and Jenn so owning a home together represents their chance to 'start over.' Scott gives them two options: a cosmetic interior update or an interior update with upgrades and a screened in porch.

Jul 5
7am | 6c
Season 11, Episode 2

Second Time Around for a Second Family Vacation Rental

Mother and daughter duo, Lynne and her daughter Heather have already been through the pain of selling their family vacation home once before due to carrying costs. Now that they have a new country home in their family, they need to renovate and rent it so it's affordable. Scott gives them two options: a full interior makeover or a full makeover with the addition of their Bunkie for extra sleep capacity.

Jul 12
7am | 6c
Season 11, Episode 3

A Pricey Property Payback to Stay Close with the Family

Alex and Casey have 3 kids and dreamed of owning a lake house near Casey's mom's property. When a rare opportunity came up to buy one down the street from her, they jumped at the chance. Doing so has set them back financially and now need rental income. Scott gives them two options: a cosmetic update or cosmetic update with a full kitchen and bathroom gut.

Jul 19
7am | 6c
Season 11, Episode 4

Fishing Dreams, Rental Reality

Astrid and Sheldon decided to buy a vacation property after a tough year made them realize life is too short. The only way to keep their lake house dreams a reality is to renovate and rent out the space to offset the carrying costs. Scott gives them two options: an interior facelift or an interior facelift with a massive Boathouse deck to get top dollar.

Jul 26
7am | 6c
Season 11, Episode 5

Putting Family First with Another Baby on the Way

Nuala and Dave are a busy couple with three small kids and another one on the way. They love spending time at their lake house but with their family expanding so are their costs of living and now renting the lake house is their only way to keep it. Scott gives them two options: an interior makeover or an all seasons reno to maximize their income.

Aug 2
7am | 6c
Season 11, Episode 6

She's on a Mission of Independence

Caitlyn, a hard working young woman, needs to figure out the best way to cover the costs of her new lake house while also building her financial future. With her Dad Ron by her side, she is now ready to turn her dated property into a modern vacation rental. Scott gives Caitlyn two options: a mini facelift to cover the essentials or an interior remodel with some high-end finishes.

Aug 9
7am | 6c
Season 5, Episode 3

Maternity Leave Income Suite

Patricia and Manny traded in their sports car and party days for an older home and family life. Now they have a feisty 16-month-old daughter and newborn twin girls! When they found out they'd have three children under the age of two, mild financial panic set in! They had a tough time coping with the first maternity leave, and with increased child rearing costs this time round, they know they have to come up with a plan to generate some supplemental income from their dark and dingy basement. Manny has gutted the entire basement down to the brick walls and stud ceiling, and Patricia and the kids are living with the grandparents until the dust settles safely at home and the renovation is over. Now that the twins are here, Manny can't possibly get the renovation done on his own. This space has to be ready before Patricia moves back home with Sofia and the new babies. They need Income Property help.

Aug 16
7am | 6c
Season 5, Episode 2

New Start, New Income

Vanessa and Carmen met four years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Vanessa is graduating from university in the spring and they've set a wedding date for the fall. Although they'll both live with their parents until the wedding, they've already bought their first house. Scott is married to Carmen's sister so it's no surprise that he's influenced them to buy a fixer-upper income property to get started on home ownership. The suburban back-split bungalow they found has all its original 1960s details, and no charm. They plan to duplex it into an upper and lower unit, but they are challenged with the weird configuration of rooms and ugly finishes. They're broke first-timers who have to juggle their mortgage payments, reno budget and the wedding they're hosting on one modest salary. They need Income Property to show them how to make this house work for them.

Aug 23
7am | 6c
Season 6, Episode 7

No More Bathroom Blues for a Spacious but Dated Basement in a Newlywed Couple's Home

Tiffany and Jamie have been living in Toronto for the past few years and were married last summer. They're an enterprising, ambitious young couple with dreams of interesting careers, and a house that will one day be a place to raise a family and bring in a second income as they go through their career and personal changes. They've just taken possession of a classic 50s bungalow in a leafy Toronto suburb. It fits their bill because it has a huge bright basement that offers income potential. The problem is they have no renovation experience what-so-ever. Tiffany and Jamie need Income Property's help.

Aug 25
4:30am | 3:30c
Season 5, Episode 1

University Fee Fixer

A single mother sells her house to buy a run-down rooming house with the plan to live in and renovate the two-story apartment so she can contribute to her son's education costs. But after spending 60 percent of her budget on essential home improvements, she becomes overwhelmed by design decisions and needs a solid plan to get the apartment rented before tuition fees are due.

Aug 26
4:30am | 3:30c
Season 5, Episode 4

Figuring It Out

In the past two years, Jung and Angie have moved five times before buying their first house, a 1960s bungalow in a suburb at the edge of town. The main level is beautifully renovated but the basement apartment has been gutted and, although they're not sure why, they suspect that there may be water issues. These first-time homeowners have had several contractors in to give quotes on what it will take to get it rentable and each one has a different theory, different solution and a different price. They're lost and don't know who to trust and what has to happen in order to ultimately bring in a tenant and the rental income they were counting on. Furthermore, Angie's Dad is holding the mortgage. They need Income Property to solve the issues and create a great income suite.

Aug 30
7am | 6c
Season 5, Episode 5

Retirement Reality Check

Monica and Raphael have worked hard, saved and bought a modest home in a comfortable suburb. For years Monica wanted to buy an income property but there was never enough extra money to invest, and Raphael was afraid of taking the risk. Monica recently discovered that according to their current financial statistics they need to work well into their retirement years, so she convinced her husband that it was time to take the plunge and use equity from their home to buy an income property to supplement their income now and into retirement. They looked hard for a building they could afford and finally found a rundown triplex on a busy street. There is lots of work to be done to upgrade the top floor unit, and with an impossibly low renovation budget for the whole building, they're going to have to invest some sweat equity into their property before they can attract the needed tenants.

Sep 6
7am | 6c
Season 5, Episode 6

Reno-Weary Professionals

Rosalina and Arun bought a stunning 1897 grand detached Victorian home that was previously a rooming house and a hair salon with residential units. Their initial intention was to live on the second and third floors, and continue to rent out the main floor and basement separately, using the income to bring the house back to its original splendor. Five years and major basement apartment issues later (flood, mold, asbestos and more), and Arun and Rosalina are exhausted financially and emotionally. Now with Arun's three kids moving in, they need to maximize their living space and take over the main floor in addition to the upper two floors for everyone's sanity. They have lost their vision with the basement apartment due to all the setbacks. They need Income Property's help.

Sep 13
7am | 6c
Season 5, Episode 7

Susan's Solo Solution

Since separating from her husband, Susan has been raising her daughters and paying the costs of homeownership on her own, with the added expenses of what she calls "outsourcing the burly manly tasks." The house has a large, finished but underused basement that Susan would like to convert to an apartment to bring in a second income to help cover household expenses and give added financial security for her family and future. Susan has embraced her unexpected independence and is full of drive and determination, but this basement conversion is one thing she can't tackle on her own. She needs Income Property help.

Sep 20
7am | 6c
Season 5, Episode 8

Mold Rescue Operation

Two years ago Nelson and Sarah bought this 1970s duplex in the heart of Little Portugal from Nelson's dad. He'd rented it to tenants for years, and it was in original condition when they took possession. They fixed up the main floor to reflect their own clean contemporary style. The basement apartment, however, is still stuck in the 1970s, with at least 10 different patterns of tile -- it's a tile kaleidoscope! It desperately needs to be updated to attract the sort of tenant they want downstairs. They need Income Property's help.

Sep 27
7am | 6c

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