Christmas Picks from DIY Network's I Want That

If you're looking for something decidedly different or cutting-edge for those on your Christmas gift list, take a look at these products from Season two of DIY Network's I Want That.
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A Light From Above

Want to illuminate your shower experience? The MagicShowerhead uses LED technology to transform an ordinary showerhead into a water and light show. It requires no batteries or electrical supply but uses water pressure as its power source, and is designed to help reduce waste of both energy and water.


The MagicShowerhead from Memowell adds light to the shower stream, turning the stream itself into a colorful display. It is available in a variety of single-color models, changing-color models and one that changes to specific colors depending on the water temperature.

Happy Keys

Have you had it with the dirty keyboard blues? The BuzzBrush from BuzzCo offers a ready remedy that uses a special bristle technology.

BuzzBrush From BuzzCo

The tip of the BuzzBrush is designed so that the bristles flex between the keyboard keys and expand to reach and clean beneath the keys.

BuzzBrush From BuzzCo

The BuzzBrush is actually a cleverly designed two-in-one tool. The standup base incorporates a microfiber pad that's specially made to clean LCD screens such as computer monitors, laptop screens, mobile phones and tablets.

Banishing Screen Smudges With the BuzzBrush

The cleaning surface of the BuzzBrush microfiber pad is designed to provide even pressure for easy and efficient screen cleaning. Screen-cleaner spray also available.

A Brush With a Brain

Another version of the BuzzBrush combines the screen cleaner with an 8-gigabyte USB flash drive.

Water from a stone? Not exactly, but ...

The Stone Drink Dispenser from Uncommon Goods allows you to serve up your favorite spirits in unique fashion at your next festive gathering.

Stone Drink Dispenser

Each Stone Drink Dispenser is a handmade one-of-a-kind design and is made using stones from the coast of New England. (Spirits not included.)

Reinventing the (Pizza) Wheel

The Scizza from Dreamfarm offers an elegantly simple solution to that familiar frustration of pizza-wheel cutters that don't quite make the cut. Instead of struggling with a pizza wheel that takes multiple rolling passes to make a single cut, try these specially modified scissors for perfect and easy cuts every time.

Scizza From Dreamfarm

The Scizza's two specially designed blades make pizza-cutting quick and easy while the nylon "spatula" base prevents scratches to cookware or cutting boards. The Scizza also simplifies the cutting of pastries, fabric, wrapping paper and more.

One-Stop BBQ Prep

For outdoor grilling, the Porter Tray Grill eliminates those back-and-forth trips between grill and table or kitchen.

Porter Tray Grill

Individual trays keep raw or cooked meat and veggies separate while the detachable condiment caddy makes it easy to bring along seasonings, grilling tools, etc. All pieces fit together neatly atop a single serving tray for one-trip carrying.

A Second Life for Alkaline Batteries

The SecondWind Alkaline Battery Charger allows you to simultaneously re-charge up to four AA or AAA alkaline batteries — the ordinary disposable kind — in just about 90 minutes. You can even mix and match AAs and AAAs, and different brands of batteries, in a single charge. According to the manufacturer, unlike standard battery chargers designed for use exclusively with specially made rechargeable batteries, the SecondWind charger does not reduce produce heat, battery leaks or other safety hazards when used with standard alkaline batteries. The SecondWind charger is Energy Star rated and ETL certified.

SecondWind Alkaline Battery Charger

The SecondWind Battery Charger safely recharges "throwaway" alkaline batteries for repeated use. That adds up to both convenience and environmental benefit since it means fewer batteries in landfills. Current estimates are that Americans buy more than 3 billion dry-cell batteries each year and, since only a small fraction of those get properly recycled, most end up in landfills. This contributes substantially to hazardous waste pollution since the toxic chemicals in batteries may ultimately leach into soil and groundwater. The ability to recharge and reuse ordinary batteries could help reduce the impact of this problem.

Power to the Power Tools

The RoboReel from Great Stuff redefines the idea of extension cord management with automation and a variety of innovative use, design and safety features. Available in both the portable model (pictured) or a ceiling-mounted version, the RoboReel provides on-the-spot access to power while preventing cord tangles, snags or accidental rewind. In terms of safety, it features circuit breakers, thermostats to guard against overheating and auto-shutoff if a cord is severed. RoboReel also offers similar products for management of pneumatic air and garden hoses.

Foldit Cart for Easy Transport

The Foldit Cart from Tipke offers a new take on the standard yard wheelbarrow or carrier. Not only does it fold almost flat for easy storage when not in use, the lightweight design and 20-inch wheels allow you to move as much as 300 pounds of cargo with very little effort. Folded, the Foldit Cart can be easily transported since it fits in the standard-size trunk of most cars. It can also be purchased with optional lawnmower trailer hitch or bicycle hitch.

Make It Sparkle With Buffer Bit

The Buffer Bit turns an ordinary cordless power drill into a polishing and buffing tool that's ideal for a variety of uses, from auto cleaning and polishing (interior and exterior) to household cleaning and shoe polishing. The conical all-wool pads make it easy to get to hard-to-reach spaces to clean and polish with ease.

Buffer Bit

The Buffer Bit's washable wool pads are ideal for polishing leather shoes and jackets, and for a variety of uses when it comes to household cleaning.

Cool Z's

Pillows or bedding that are too warm can translate easily into poor sleep. Are you one of those people who continually flips your pillow throughout the night in a quest for the perfectly "cool" pillow? The Polar Pillow was created for you. It uses an endothermic "cooling" gel that dissipates and transfers heat, allowing the pillow surface to stay cool while you fall asleep. The cooling effect lasts for about two hours after which the pillow surface temp returns to normal room temperature. The mechanism for achieving this is a safe thermal chemical process, and the pillow "recharges" itself with simple exposure to the air and ambient temperature. No electricity, batteries or refrigeration are required. Some who have tried the pillow describe it as aiding sleep in a way that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

The Art of Sound

The Spinnaker audio speakers from Edifier are a sight to behold as well as a pleasure to listen to. The sculpted shape is engineered to be visually striking as well as to angle the speaker elements toward the listener to provide a state-of-the-art listening experience. The Spinnaker system uses Bluetooth technology so it can be connected wirelessly to compatible components. It features an output port allowing it to be connected to an external subwoofer.

Epson MegaPlex Projector

The MegaPlex projector from Epson makes big-screen entertainment simple, delivering a home-theater viewing experience from a variety of video or photo sources. Connect it to a smartphone, tablet, PC or gaming device and it projects high-resolution images to any screen or blank wall. The Epson MegaPlex is powered by 3LCD technology to deliver clear images and rich, vibrant colors. It features built-in stereo speakers or can be connected to external autio equipment.

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