40 Top Products from I Want That, Season Three

Check out a "best of" selection of products featured in season three of DIY Network's I Want That. Pin your favorites on our Pinterest board.
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Designer Cork Wall Tiles

Cork Wall Tiles from Cali Bamboo are easy-to-apply wall panels layered with the sustainable, raw bark of the cork oak tree. These tiles are durable and offer sound-dampening and insulation. See a video of this and other top products from I Want That.

ReadyBright Wireless Power Outage Lighting Kit

Available at Wayfair.com, ReadyBright Wireless Power Outage Lighting Kit from Mr. Beams detects when your home's power goes out and instantly activates to provide a powerful flashlight. At the same time, the system wirelessly activates LED lights to provide illumination throughout the home. See the video.


Like an electric blanket for your floor, RugBuddy from Martinson-Nicholls Inc. is a portable heating system approved for use under area rugs. Simply place the heating mat under your area rug to turn your rug into an "invisible space heater." See the video.

Slide Lid Shed

With the Slide Lid Shed from Rubbermaid, rollers on the roof and an innovative structural design make it easy to slide the lid back to access all the items stored inside. See the video.

Moxie Showerhead

The Moxie showerhead from Kohler uses Bluetooth technology to allow you to take music, podcasts or radio right into the shower with you. See the video.

Blooming Bath

The Blooming Bath offers a unique take on baby bath time. It's convenient, and cleanup is easy: Just toss the Blooming Bath in the washer and dryer when finished, or wash and hang dry. See the video.

Click Lock Bamboo Flooring

Click Lock Bamboo Flooring from Cali Bamboo is an attractive and eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber hardwood flooring. The click-lock system requires no glue or nails, and the wide-plank format allows for installation in a fraction of the time of ordinary wood flooring. See the video.


In addition to offering a wide variety of distinctively different lamp designs for purchase, Lamp-In-A-Box provides an affordable way to express your creativity and fashion a genuinely unique lamp of your own design. See the video.


The PetPeek from Best Friends Care LLC provides your pooch with a safe and secure window to the world. This easy-to-install product was designed to help dogs residing in a fenced-in yard feel less confined. See the video.

RoadMate and Wireless Back-Up Camera

In addition to standard GPS features, Magellan's RoadMate paired with their Wireless Back-up Camera adds an important safety feature. As you put your car in reverse, the Magellan navigator automatically switches into rearview mode allowing you to see what is behind your car — including children, pets and toys. See the video.

360 Quick Select

The 360 Quick Select cordless drill-driver from SKIL tools holds 12 of the most commonly used bits in a self-contained compartment, making it the one-stop tool for most household screwdriver and drilling needs. See the video.

Alto Steps

Alto Steps from Liza Phillips Design bring good looks and functionality to stair treads. They're modular, easy to install, and allow for flexibility and a custom look. See the video.

Folding Work Table

Available at Wayfair.com, the Folding Work Table from Keter is a portable workstation that features two integrated 12-inch clamps and a work surface capable of supporting up to 400 pounds. In closed position it can be easily stored since it's about the size of a small suitcase. See the video.

Jet Pro Shower Spa

Available at Wayfair.com, Jet Pro Shower Spas are attractive shower fixtures that are specially designed to promote comfort and relaxation, and to help relieve muscle tension in the neck, back and shoulders. See a video.

BISTRO b.over Coffeemaker

The innovative and visually striking BISTRO b.over Coffeemaker by Bodum makes the popular "pour-over" coffee-brewing method a snap. The vacuum-sealed thermo jug with locking lid helps keep coffee hot and aromatic without an additional heating element. See a video.

Bright Night Umbrella

Bright Night Umbrellas are full-sized, unbreakable umbrellas that light up from underneath, creating a six-foot circle of light. The self-contained illumination helps eliminate problems like fumbling for keys and door locks in the dark and allows users to see obstacles when walking at night. See the video.

Drop Stop

The Drop Stop is designed to prevent that common and irritating occurrence of items falling between your car seat and center console. Lost coins, stray cellphones and errant French fries become a thing of the past once the Drop Stop is in place. See the video.


InaTrap from Acase/InaDays provides a simple, unobtrusive and eco-friendly way to eliminate mosquitos and insects without the use of harsh chemicals, propane or unsightly equipment. Small flying insects are drawn to the light then trapped in the specially designed compartment below. The base opens for easy removal and disposal. See the video.

Bench Jaws

Bench Jaws from Rockwell is a heavy-duty workbench vise that's easily mounted and which can accommodate surprisingly large objects and loads up to 220 pounds. A foot-pedal mechanism makes operation of the clamping jaws practically hands-free. The base opens for easy removal and disposal. See the video.

Ostrich Pillow

Available at Wayfair.com. According to its developer, Studio Banana Things, the Ostrich Pillow is a revolutionary product that makes it possible to take easy power naps anytime, anywhere. The design offers "a micro environment in which you may catch some cozy, comfortable and stylish Zzzz’s whilst on the go." See the video.

Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier from Plaston Int. is a humidifier that's small enough to fit into a travel bag and allows you to enjoy healthy, humidified air in your hotel room, office or anywhere. Simply add your own water bottle and plug it in. See the video.

Duracell Powermat

The Powermat from Duracell offers an innovative, easy and convenient solution for keeping smartphones charged. Included are a charging station that accommodates two devices and a portable backup battery. See the video.

Gyro Screwdriver

The Gyro Screwdriver from Stanley Black & Decker is a motion-activated screwdriver that uses gyroscopic technology to control variable speed and direction. While using the Gyro, just rotate your wrist one-quarter turn to the right for forward or left for reverse. See the video.

Sliding Tool Chest

The Sliding Tool Chest from Keter is a versatile and convenient tool-storage solution that features rolling wheels and a handle, an integrated organizer for smaller items, removable tools bins, a central locking mechanism and an easy-sliding mechanism that make access to tools simple even when your hands are full. See the video.

Shrine Shoe Rack

The Shrine Shoe Rack is a distinctive and space-saving storage solution that allows you to organize your shoe collection and allow it to double as wall art. You can now store your shoes tight up against the wall while saving floor space. It works with flats, high heels, sandals, high-top and low-top sneakers, and some boots. See the video.


SushiQuik helps take the mystery out of sushi-making, allowing you to make perfect sushi rolls from your favorite ingredients. The SushiQuik kit is dishwasher safe and the rolling mat is detachable for easy cleaning. See the video.

Bamboo Splash Tablet

The Bamboo Splash tablet from Wacom Technology essentially transforms your computer into a blank canvas for expressing your hand-drawn and hand-painted creativity. The pad's textured surface enables the user to, draw, doodle, sketch and paint using a battery-free pen stylus. The system is both Mac- and PC-compatible and comes with software applications that link the tablet to the computer, simulating a variety of creative media such as watercolor, oil and chalk. See the video.

Bildopolis Big Bilder Kit

Bildopolis is a building kit that allows kids to build an endless variety of cardboard play structures — forts, castles, rockets — with relative ease using cardboard "Bilding Boards" and easy Velcro fasteners. See the video.


Stuffitts antimicrobial drying inserts, from Stuffits Inc., are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including these shoe inserts. They combat moisture and kill odor in shoes, helmets, gloves and gear bags. See the video.

Trailer Valet

The Trailer Valet is a multifunction tongue jack that simplifies movement and maneuvering of most trailers up to 5000 pounds simply by turning the hand crank. See the video.

Martini BowTie Collar

The Martini BowTie Collar from LuxeMutt provides that touch of sophistication for the discerning pooch. The BowTie is available in black-tie black as well as a variety of colors, and is crafted from all-natural leather with nickel-plated hardware. See the video.


Adapt Acoustical Treatment

Adapt Acoustical Treatments from Soundproof Cow are high-quality acoustic wall treatments which provide enhanced room acoustics and soundproofing, but allow you to incorporate your own custom designs onto the panels. Once you've determined the dimension and type of the acoustic panels you'll need, the company's website walks you through the process of uploading your own images to create a unique and functional piece of wall art. See the video.

Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

The Bottoms Up draft beer dispenser, now available for the first time outside commercial use, acts as a replacement for the draft tap and allows one-handed beer dispensing and a perfect pour every time. See the video.

Ice Ball Press

The Cirrus Ice Ball Press creates a perfect 2 3/4-inch, six-ounce ice sphere that's visually striking and lasts through multiple beverages. Originally used in boutique bars for high-end Scotch and whiskeys, ice spheres are now utilized in a variety of creative drinks and cocktails. See the video.


The Grillbot, from Grillbot LLC, is designed for fast and efficient hands-free grill cleaning. Grillbot is driven by a computer chip that controls the movement. Three rotary bristle brushes move in circular motions to scrape away grease and grill residue. See the video.

Lily Pad Lid

The Lily Pad Lid by Charles Viancin is a reusable silicone lid that seals tightly onto most bowl rims to create an airtight and watertight seal. The Lily Pad is a simple and convenient alternative to plastic wrap that's also visually distinctive. It's dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and safe for heating up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. See the video.

Numbra Wall Clock

The Numbra wall clock from Umbra turns your blank wall space into an oversized timepiece. With metal-stamp numbers inspired by exterior house numbers, and in sizes up to nine inches in height, the Numbra allows you to create a wall clock customized to your desired scale. See the video.

RD Shady

The RD Shady from Red Door Interiors is the first of its kind: a lampshade cover that zips on and off. You may choose from a collection of special designer fabrics or, for a small additional charge, create a unique, custom shade using your own fabric. See the video.

Rotisserie Turkey Fryer

The Rotisserie Turkey Fryer from Waring lets you deep-fry a turkey, up to 18 pounds, in about an hour. The internal rotisserie function turns the turkey to ensure even cooking and keeps all the juices inside. The fryer uses less oil than conventional fryers and can be used for other frying applications as well. See the video or Return to I Want That home page.

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