30 Top Products From I Want That, Season 4

Check out 30 of the best products from DIY Network's I Want That. See one you can't live without? Pin it and tell us why you want it!

Photo By: Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images ©2013 DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo By: Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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Photo By: Allison Shelley ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Photo By: Allison Shelley/Getty Images ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images ©2013, DIY Network/Scripps Networks LLC. All Rights Reserved.

nPower Peg

Tired of your phone and other important electronic devices always running out of battery while you are on the go? Well, the nPower Peg allows you to gather your own energy as you walk, run or bike, converting it into power to charge your devices. See a video of this and other top products from I Want That.

Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber

The Magnetic Spot Scrubber from Cuisipro makes washing difficult dishes, like wine decanters, pitchers and vases with narrow openings, a breeze. Just drop the silicon scrubber inside the dish, align it with the handheld magnet and start scrubbing! See the video.

SD Semi Automatic Drill

Too many tools? This SD Semi Automatic Drill from Worx features a six-slot revolving chamber to minimize the clutter from your home improvement projects and get the job done. See the video.

Pluck by Quirky

Available on Quirky.com, Pluck makes extracting yolks from healthy egg whites easy by separating the two with a simple squeeze and release of its silicone chamber. Now everyone from body builders to soccer moms can just pluck that caloric yellow stuff right out. See the video.

Sleuth Gear Night Vision Clock Radio

Now adults can play spy, too, with this night-vision clock radio fitted with a tiny camera that allows night-vision surveillance through a smart phone and tablet app. See the video.

Zombie Dumb Bells by Onnit

Weightlifting doesn't have to kill you — kill it instead with these zombie dumb bells. These eclectic iron kettlebells come in four sizes: 18, 36, 52 and 72 pounds. All are balanced for heavy overhead training, and sculpted realistically to the dimensions of a human skull. See the video.

Handbag Handcuffs

Worry less about your valuables and more about where you're going with Handbag Handcuffs. Originally created to secure handbags in place in the car, this useful and stylish device can be used in a variety of other ways, like securing your bag to a larger bag, carrying multiple bags at once, or securing your bag to most posts and bars. See the video.


Owning cool, modern furniture pieces doesn't have take up a large amount of space. Folditure is full of style, but folds down completely flat. It can also be hung in a storage closet for optimum space-saving. See the video.

Elephant Stand

The Elephant Stand combines a ball mount and truck step in one product. Sliding into the basic hitch receiver assembly on any truck, the stand can sit under the truck when not in use and swivel around and lock in place when you need a truck step to get into the bed. See the video.

Nibble by Quirky

Available on Quirky.com, the 8" non-stick Nibble pan is perfect for baking anything from brownies to cornbread into a circular shape. The miniature silicone bite cup slips in and out, so you don't have to wait for cake-cutting time to sample your creation. Now you can truly have your cake and eat it, too. See the video.

AirRAM Vacuum

The AirRAM Vacuum from Gtech will eliminate everything you hate about vacuuming. Its high-performance, battery-powered design will get the house cleaned in a single charge. Plus, it's as light as a feather, weighing in at only 3.5 pounds. See the video.


AquaFarm from Back to the Roots is a revolutionary tabletop garden and fish bowl combo that works in symbiosis. The fish provide natural fertilizer for the plants, and in turn, the plants naturally clean the water and return it to the fish tank — meaning you never have to clean it. See the video.


The AUTOMATIC app makes driving smarter and safer than ever before. The adapter plugs into your car's standard diagnostic port and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone. Once connected, it can monitor your fuel efficiency, share tips to improve your driving, or call for help in a crash. See the video.


LUMOback is a comfortable back strap that tracks your posture, steps, distance and calories via smartphone app. In "Coach" mode, the LUMOback will emit gentle vibrations when you need to sit or stand taller. See the video.

Level Legs

Level Legs is an extension to the everyday wheelbarrow that uses a ratcheting center to automatically find its center of balance. It prevents accidental tipping and allows you to take your cargo exactly where you need it. See the video.

Kitchen Safe

With the Kitchen Safe, any item — from tempting junk food to cell phones and video games — can be locked away for up to 10 days, irretrievable until the timer runs out. See the video.

WINK Relay

Available for preorder on WinkApp.com, get instant access to your connected home on a touchscreen tailored to you with WINK Relay. This wall-mountable controller runs the Wink app, giving you instant access to all your smart-home products. Manage lights, locks, thermostats, and more—all from a central location in your home. The app is also available for iPhone and Android as well as online. See the video.

Lifter Hamper

The Lifter Hamper is no ordinary laundry basket. Designed to lower as laundry is deposited and rise as it is removed, unloading the hamper is no longer a backbreaking chore. See the video.

Recoil Cord Winder

Are your desk drawers filled with tangled, mangled and unidentifiable cords? Well, fret no more with the Recoil Automatic Cord Winder, a low-tech tool that helps you organize your desk and untangle your life. See the video.

Pawz Dog Boots

Pawz Dog Boots are disposable, reusable and waterproof dog boots that provide pet paw protection without discomfort. Pawz are easy to put on and remove, and they fit securely without zippers or straps. Pawz are available in a wide array of colors to fit your pooch's style. See the video.

Tackle Tek Nomad

The Tackle Tek Nomad from Wild River is a single-solution bag that converts from a divided storage system to a full-size backpack. The bag is also fitted with a complete LED lighting system that illuminates the inside of the bag or workspace when natural light fades. See the video.

Bag of Riddim

The Bag of Riddim Bluetooth portable audio system from House of Marley combines great sound, portability, wireless convenience and Bluetooth streaming technology to create one amazing sound system. The fabric carry bag, made with organic cotton, hemp and RPET (recycled water bottles), also features an integrated auxiliary input and USB port to connect and charge a variety of different phones. See the video.

Wall Art 3D Wall Panels

These 3D Wall Panels from WallArt bring your walls to life with modern and eco-friendly 3D wall panels in a variety of exciting, modern shapes made from the fibrous residue of sugarcane. All materials used are 100-percent recyclable and biodegradable. See the video.

Concept Plus Pots

The Concept Plus line of cast aluminum pans and pots from Woll Cookware has multiple uses in the kitchen, and the pots are suitable for cooking by induction. See the video.

The Big Kahuna Spatula

The Big Kahuna by Mr. Bar-B-Q can flip a lot more than a few patties. No ordinary spatula, the Big Kahuna is perfect for all types of grilling and cooking needs, like flipping stacks of ribs or removing a hot pizza from the oven. See the video.

Porter by Quirky

Available on Quirky.com, Porter is a multipurpose BBQ tray that eliminates extra trips between your kitchen and grill. Containers with lids keep raw food safely separated, while a serving platter and condiment caddy keep everything a grill chef needs at hand. See the video.

Garbage Pantz

Thanks to Garbage Pantz, your garbage bins never have to look trashy again. These expandable covers made from stretchy, durable, all-weather material will give your bins an instant makeover. They slip on and off easily (no tools needed) and come in a variety of designs. See the video.

Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell

The Pebble Smart Doggie Doorbell helps Sparky get in and out of the house annoyance-free. Instead of barking or scratching at the door, he can ring the doorbell when he's ready to come inside. See the video.

Slimline by Quirky

Available at Quirky.com, Slimline is a drying rack that makes the most of small spaces. It hangs discreetly over any door, out of the way until you need it, and features wire supports to ensure heavy items stay up off the floor. See the video.

RAM Handlebar Rail Mount

The Handlebar Rail Mount from RAM helps secure anything from a GPS or smartphone to a cup holder, so your favorite biker can ride into the sunset with style. See the video.

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