15 Top Products From I Want That Season 5

Check out the best products DIY Network editors have on their gift list.
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Stud Pop Stud Finder

This lo-tech tool finds studs with just a magnet.

Why We Want It

No other stud finder works on sheetrock, metal, lath and tile. Watch the video.

Air Cork Wine Seal

The Air Cork is an inflatable balloon cork that creates an air-tight seal. Just pump the grape balloon until it fills the bottle. No more wasted wine!

Why We Want It

The cork is a balloon, which inflates inside the bottle thus sealing the remaining wine from air. And it’s shaped like a grape making it the perfect gift for wine lovers. Watch the video.

Nuna Leaf Baby Seat

Rocking soothes most babies but mechanical chairs can be clunky eyesores in a room. The Nuna Leaf doesn’t use batteries or a plug-in. Once pushed, it will stay in motion for minutes. And the seat expands to grow with your baby.

Why We Want It

The Nuna Leaf comes in great colors to mix with your home decor plus the seat cover comes off and is washable. Watch the video.

Pelican Tool Box

This is the ultimate tool box to have on a job. With high impact polycarbonate and stainless steel hardware, it’s indestructible.

Why We Want It

The O-ring seal keeps out dust and water. Just throw it in the back of a truck and your tools won’t rust. Watch the video.

Always in View Baby Monitor

Having little ones in the car can be tough when you can’t see them. Keep an eye on them with the Always In View backseat camera monitor.

Why We Want It

These cute stuffed animals use an embedded high definition camera that sends video wirelessly to a color monitor in the front seat. Watch the video.

Regal Beagle Pet Portraits

Is your pup king of the house? You can make it official! Regal Beagle converts a photo of your pet into a royal portrait, reflective of the grand portrait styles of the 1700 and 1800s.

Why We Want It

Regal Beagle's website guides users through the process of selecting a type, size and pricing. Gallery-wrapped paintings are delivered straight to the home. Watch the video.

Spider Podium

Need an extra hand? How about eight? The Spider Podium holds your electronic gadgets for you.

Why We Want It

The Spider Podium's eight legs, made of advanced soft-touch rubber, bend easily to mount gadgets practically anywhere for hands-free use. Watch the video.

Strekla ToolBook

This tool box puts your tools right at hand, not buried in a closet or basement, because it's designed to look like a book and blends into any bookshelf.

Why We Want It

The kit has four screwdrivers and 6 hex wrenches featuring lightweight aluminum with ergonomic design. Watch the video.

Pixelist Paintings

Pixelist uses your Instagrams and photos to create custom pieces of art.

Why We Want It

Pixelist's website guides you through the upload process. Then artists enhance your photos and create handmade oil paintings worthy of a gallery show. Your custom artwork ships directly to your house. Watch the video.

Ring Video Doorbell

Not home? Now there's a way to see and speak to visitors at your front door from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone.

Why We Want It

Not only is this security system convenient, it's so easy to set up. The battery-powered bell and camera combo only takes five minutes to install.

NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer

This high-tech treadmill offers a 40 percent grade incline to burn more calories and features a 10-inch web-enabled touchscreen display.

Why We Want It

The NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer also features an integrated tablet holder, dual workout fans, and pairs with iFit technology.

Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure

Don't have a long enough tape measure? Use a laser! This compact and portable laser measures up to 50 feet away.

Why We Want It

The Bosch GLM 15 Laser Measure also holds two measurements in real time.

Nanoleaf Light Bulb

The Nanoleaf is the world’s most energy efficient light bulb. It’s the first LED bulb made with printed circuit board technology, which makes it smarter than your average light bulb.

Why We Want It

The Nanoleaf uses 90% less energy and lasts 133 times longer than incandescent bulbs. They also last ten times longer than fluorescent and save you big bucks on your energy bill. Watch the video.

USB Typewriter

Miss the feeling of typing with actual keys? Retro meets high tech with the USB Typewriter.

Why We Want It

These retro chic models plug into your computer or tablet so you can see what you’re typing. Watch the video.

Pit Stop Furniture

If you can't sit behind the wheel, sit in a chair made of race cars. The Pit Stop chair is built with the same parts found in high-end sports cars.

Why We Want It

An authentic aluminum gear shift controls the chair’s ergonomic settings. Racing shocks and a suspension spring help drive home the look and feel of slipping into the driver’s seat. Watch the video.

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