14 Top Products from I Want That Most 2016

Check out the most sought-after products seen on DIY Network's I Want That Most 2016 special. 

By: Jessica Galliart
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This tidy machine automatically tosses balls (repeatedly and in random directions) to your pet — designed for the fatigued homeowner or the slobbered-ball adverse. 

Wall Candy

Colorful patterns and hip designs differentiate this line of "peel and stick" wallpaper that is removable without any wall damage. 

The Ring

The Ring is an easy to install, battery-operated, Wi-Fi HD security camera for the home. Answering the door in person is so old school. 

Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier

This is the coolest (and most efficient) air purifier on the market. With an artistic array of changeable/removable front panels to fit any décor, this purifier is both functional and beautiful. 

The Gnomigos

Don't neglect your yard when collecting decor for your home. These colorful and fun garden gnomes represent different ethnic and iconic characters that will surely brighten any guest's day.


This innovative bottle topper punctures the cork without removing it, allowing the user to tap one glass of wine at a time without disturbing or aging the remaining wine in the bottle. 

Bosch GLM 20 Laser Measure

Ready to trade up that old school measuring tape? This laser measure has a back screen display, two measurement memory and 65-feet reach.

Patio-Pro by Hephaestus BBQ

The Patio-Pro is an unabashed vertical bbq system that includes a grill, smoker and oven.  Sports car red with chrome design, it stands about 5-feet tall.

Twilight Galaxy Star System

Enhance your bedrooms or entertaining rooms with this DIY ceiling kit. The finished ceiling looks like a night sky with surprisingly realistic shooting stars.

ICON Fitness/Nordic Track Incline Trainer Vista

If you're committing to a home gym, why not go all the way? This incline trainer has a 40-degree pitch and immersive screen to keep you engaged during those tough climbs.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

At the grocery store and can't remember how much milk is left at home? This "smart" fridge has an in-door display monitor that connects to media and your shopping list and even lets you peek inside while you're away from home.


For the aspiring DIY'rs: This recycled paper mimics the look of textured slate without the weight or hassle. It's cut like a traditional wall tile and applied with special glue.


Looking for decor with purpose? This speaker that looks like a portrait hangs on the wall and streams whatever sound is generated from your devices. Soundwall is customizable in size and scenes from original art to photos.

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