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In each half-hour episode of Holmes: Buy It Right, Mike Holmes applies his construction expertise and creative vision to one couple's search for their dream home. With their favorite properties to choose from, Holmes gets these home buyers to use their heads, in addition to their hearts and gives them the tools they need to make the most important purchase of their lives.

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Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes advises homeowners around the world on how to manage renovations, home repairs and maintenance. 

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Season 1, Episode 1

Hilton Head House Hunt

Mike Holmes travels to the beautiful island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, to advise first time homebuyers Caroline and Diego Mahecha during their search for the perfect family home. With their favorites selected, Mike will go through the houses with the couple to identify issues that could be detrimental to the family and their children. Can Mike help them find the perfect house that is both safe and meets the family's needs?

Feb 24
12pm | 11c
Season 1, Episode 2

Forever Home in Hilton Head

Raising a son and a daughter as they hunt for their "Forever Home," Lindsay and Seth Tilton have narrowed their search down to their favorite houses in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It's a tough decision, one needing the expert eyes of general contractor Mike Holmes. Going through the houses with Lindsay and Seth, the couple learns how to choose the best residence for their present budget as well as for their future plans.

Feb 24
12:30pm | 11:30c
Season 1, Episode 3

Holmes Views St. Anthony Homes

In St. Anthony, Minnesota, Rhonda and Leo Bogee are looking for a home that's both within their budget and perfect for their four-member family. They have two growing sons and they need just the right place. It's contractor Mike Holmes to their rescue, going through the houses, pointing out the pros and cons and ultimately teaching Rhonda and Leo how to buy with confidence and a solid plan.

Feb 24
1pm | 12c
Season 1, Episode 4

No Ordinary Buy in Minneapolis

Mike makes his way to Minneapolis, Minnesota, ready to help Nick and Samantha choose a new home. But this is no ordinary buy, Sam and Nick are looking at brand new houses and many have yet to be lived in, which means all the more reason to bring along the King of Contractors.

Feb 24
1:30pm | 12:30c
Season 1, Episode 5

Investment in Brooklyn Park

In Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, carpenter Jake and his realtor wife Lindsay want to buy an investment home to live in, fix up and eventually sell for a profit. The couple shows their favorite options to Mike who helps them see the good, the bad and the ugly in order to get the best house for their money.

Feb 24
2pm | 1c
Season 1, Episode 6

Mike's Minneapolis Home Hunt

Minnesota couple Brenda and Peter have two young daughters and love their Minneapolis neighborhood, but the family has outgrown their home and they're ready to purchase a new one. Brenda and Peter have been burned by a contractor in the past and want to avoid that kind of experience again. The couple needs Mike's honest expertise as they view the houses they're considering, hoping to pick the best house for their family.

Feb 24
2:30pm | 1:30c

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