Getting Down and Dorky With DIY Network Celebs

They may seem cool and collected when the cameras are rolling, but these DIY hosts have a dorky side too. Don't believe us? We've gathered our most adorkable images to prove it!

Photo By: Chris Amaral

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Photo By: Chris Amaral

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Photo By: Adrian Henson

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Cool Tools">

Chris Grundy, Cool Tools

As DIY experts, all our hosts get excited about tools, but the real tool fanatic has got to be the Cool Tools host himself. Just look at that face!
Kitchen Cousins">

John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino, Kitchen Cousins

Building a waterfall on a hot day is hard work. Building a waterfall on a hot day and not testing the water? Well, that's just preposterous.
Vanilla Ice Goes Amish">

Rob Van Winkle, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish

Combining work and play, Rob tests out his very own invention, the "swing shot."
I Hate My Bath">

Jeff Devlin, I Hate My Bath

Jeff shows homeowner Ashley just how fun home improvement can be with a little lesson in the art of welding. Loving that face, Jeff!
Sweat Equity and HGTV's Renovation Raiders">

Amy Matthews, DIY's Sweat Equity and HGTV's Renovation Raiders

It looks like Amy is channeling the great Marilyn Monroe while taking a break during a rooftop interview. Time to cue the wind machine.

Nail Gun Safety

Watch out, viewers. Anthony is armed and dangerous!
Rescue My Renovation">

John DeSilvia, Rescue My Renovation

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture? John's in his element, ready to start renovating. The only question is, who's he hiding back there?
Yard Crashers">

Matt Blashaw, Yard Crashers

It's hard to tell if Matt is excited or terrified as he poses behind the wheel of the 2012 Rose Parade float. Let's go with excited.
Kitchen Cousins">

John Colaneri, Kitchen Cousins

To celebrate the renovation of her new home theater room, Khloé Kardashian teaches John a few of her favorite dance moves.

Dorktastic Attire

We would say our hosts are just like you, but we're not sure how often you go around town in a fancy pair of lederhosen. Chris might take the win with this adorkable moment.
Kitchen Crashers">

Alison Victoria, Kitchen Crashers

Oh, Alison! Who knew someone so versed in the art of painting could still get so excited by a fresh coat?
Bath Crashers">

Matt Muenster, Bath Crashers

Is it just us, or does Matt look a little like a Christmas turtle in this image? That's a thing, right?
House Crashers">

Josh Temple, House Crashers

Hurray! To celebrate a job well done, Josh takes a victory jump in the homeowner's beautiful new bedroom.
Rescue Renovation">

Kayleen McCabe, Rescue Renovation

Posing as the Masked Renovator, Kayleen prepares to save yet another home in need of a renovation. It's all in a days work for this heroic contractor.
Man Caves">

Jason Cameron and Tony Siragusa, Man Caves

Think there's nothing cooler than a traditional man cave? What about a man cave with a Middle Ages theme? Medieval weapons included.

When Statues Attack

During an episode of DIY Network's Blog Cabin, Matt and Chris come across some not-so-natural wildlife.
Yard Crashers">

Ahmed Hassan, Yard Crashers

Each host's love for their show runs deep in the DIY Network family. Ahmed can't help it. He's a fan, too!
The Bronson Pinchot Project">

Bronson Pinchot, The Bronson Pinchot Project

Who knew a book all about Colonials could be such a knee-slapper?
Mega Dens, & Chris Grundy">

Anitra Mecadon, Mega Dens, & Chris Grundy

Anitra and Chris couldn't be more proud of the colorful art they created for Blog Cabin 2013.

I See You

Tony takes a break to eye the camera while creating NBA star Kris Humphries' amazing man cave bedroom.
Money Hunters">

Deanne Bell and Matt Blashaw, Money Hunters

We can only imagine what was coming out of the photographer's mouth at this moment: "Matt, you lay across the pool table while Deanne strokes your hair..." That's normal, right?

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