Flannel Fever: Who Wore It Best?

Chris Grundy, Matt Blashaw and more of your favorite DIY celebs are working hard and looking good rocking the flannel trend.

Photo By: Adrian Henson

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Adrian Henson

Photo By: Jackson Riley Parker

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Photo By: Aaron Rapoport

Photo By: Emilee Ramsier

Photo By: Jackson Riley Parker

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Photo By: Chris Amaral

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Photo By: Jack Parker

Photo By: Adrian Henson

Photo By: Michael Kleveter

Gang's All Here

DIY Network's Matt Muenster, Alison Victoria, Josh Temple and Matt Blashaw know that DIY style calls for hard-working flannel. Looking good, guys!
Cool Tools">

Chris Grundy, Cool Tools

Working hard doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style, as Chris knows all too well.
Kitchen Cousins">

Anthony Carrino, Kitchen Cousins

We're sure that Anthony would look great in anything, but a cozy flannel shirt might just be our favorite look for this handsome cousin.
Kitchen Crashers">

Alison Victoria, Kitchen Crashers

Full of beauty and brawn, this is one woman who knows her way around the kitchen (the kitchen construction site, that is).
I Hate My Bath">

Jeff Devlin, I Hate My Bath

Safety glasses? Check. Nail Gun? Check. Fabulous flannel? Check. It looks like Jeff's got all the essentials covered.
Sweat Equity and HGTV's Renovation Raiders">

Amy Matthews, DIY's Sweat Equity and HGTV's Renovation Raiders

Sporting a messy braid, ripped jeans and an adorable flannel, Amy looks as if she could redo a room or run around town.
Kitchen Cousins">

John Colaneri, Kitchen Cousins

You don't see the flannel? Look again, closer this time. John's flannel surprise is peeking out from underneath his gray sweater for a look that couldn't be any cozier.
I Hate My Yard">

Sara Bendrick, I Hate My Yard

Bright flannel and an even brighter smile make Sara the darling landscape designer we know and love.
Million Dollar Contractor">

Stephen Fanuka, Million Dollar Contractor

Poised in plaid, Stephen looks right at home sitting on the counter of a newly-renovated kitchen. Shoes off the counter, Stephen!
Yard Crashers">

Matt Blashaw, Yard Crashers

Is it just us, or is there something about a man wearing a comfy plaid shirt while surrounded by nature that just feels right?

More Matt

Matt's just so happy the flannel look is back that he can't contain his excitement! We're excited too, Matt.
Mega Dens, & Chris Grundy">

Anitra Mecadon, Mega Dens, & Chris Grundy

Looking cute and cozy in flannel, Anitra and Chris are all set for a day of hard work on Blog Cabin 2012.
I Hate My Kitchen">

James Young, I Hate My Kitchen

The best part of waking up...is pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee and picking out your favorite flannel.

Coordinating Cousins

Looking good in complementing hues, you have to wonder, did they plan that?
Brother vs. Brother">

Jonathan Scott, Brother vs. Brother

Forget the power suit, Jonathan feels most competent in one of his many flannel shirts. Don't mess with a good thing. Right, Jonathan?
Rescue My Renovation">

John DeSilvia, Rescue My Renovation

Looking fab in plaid, John takes a breather while filming in New York.

Double Trouble

As part of the Blog Cabin team, Matt and Chris are proud to rock the team uniform — a stylish flannel shirt!
House Crashers">

Josh Temple, House Crashers

On the set of DIY Network's House Crashers, Josh shows off a newly-renovated basement while looking snazzy in dark blue flannel.

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