23 Totally Clever Before-and-Afters From Flea Market Flip

Find inspiration for your next DIY project with these amazing transformations from Flea Market Flip.

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Before: Useless Fan Cover

What to do with a metal fan cover? Team players Nic and Carla had a greater vision for a piece that most people would just pass over.

After: Mid-Century Wall Clock

Now chic and modern, this fan cover turned clock would be a stylish accessory for any living space.

Before: Wooden Crates and a Bike

You won't believe what team players Nathan and Mikal came up with using these mismatched objects.

After: Cool Bar for the Man Cave

The wooden crates and a cutting board were combined to make a snazzy bar on top of the bike. What a unique idea!

Before: Ordinary Wardrobe Trunk

While this wardrobe trunk was in great shape, it lacked personality.

After: Bachelor Pad Bar

Design divas Tracey and Catherine turned the plain-Jane trunk into a stylish bar by staining the canvas, painting the trim and adding a cowboy silhouette.

Before: Outdated Armchairs

A pair of Danish armchairs desperately needed new upholstery.

After: Chic, Cowhide Chairs

So Joe and Andrew took a large piece of cowhide and made two seats for modern lounging.

Before: Old-School Chalkboard

It's hard to imagine what you could possibly do with a standing chalkboard, but designers Cherise and Kim knew it would look great in a workspace.

After: Two-Sided Work Table

Great for an office or a kids' craft room, the chalkboard table features a fun, geometric pattern on the opposite side so you can choose which surface you want to show.

Before: Antique Grates

These Victorian vent grates needed a bit of polishing and a new purpose.

After: Sophisticated Side Tables

With a little love, a fresh paint job and wooden legs, sisters Sam and Shimmy gave new life to the grates and transformed them into these fashion-forward side tables.

Before: Small Vintage Cradle

An old rocking crib with no cushion was a great heirloom choice for Mike and Mary.

After: Up-to-Date Rocking Bench

One side of the cradle's railing was removed to help build the back of the bench and a new, upholstered cushion was added to bring in a splash of color and pattern.

Before: Rusty News Cart and Old License Plates

What can you make with an old newspaper cart and a pair of license plates?

After: Multipurpose Metallic Bench

Why a stylish, upholstered bench of course! Gold spray paint gives new life to the old, rusted exterior, and the license plates serve as a small shelf on either side for holding drinks and snacks. Kelly upholstered the cushion with a cool fabric she bought in Bali.

Before: Rustic Folding Wash Bench

With the invention of washing machines, hand-washing clothes has become a thing of the past. Christina and Billy had the perfect idea for restoring this piece.

After: Stylish Seating for Two

A pair of black pleather upholstered cushions and a healthy coat of stain turns the laundry wash bench into a hip piece of furniture for a living room.

Before: Old-Fashioned Headboard and Footboard

Before you toss that worn-out headboard and footboard — think again. You may be surprised what fresh paint and basic upholstery can do.

After: A Chic and Comfy Bench

Isn't it amazing what paint and a little fabric can do? What a great piece to add to the entryway or mudroom.

Before: Random Wooden Piece

Let's see what contestants Paul and Jim imagined for this old oxen yolk they purchased for the "Vintage-to-Modern" project.

After: Industrial Pendant Light

Large glass globes on either end surround Edison bulbs to make a beautiful light fixture that would look amazing in a rustic-inspired dining room.

Before: Peeling Window Panes

Olympian Kayla Harrison and her grandmother Rachel gave this pair of antique window panes a whole new purpose.

After: Crafty Coffee Tables

How precious is this coffee table set? The window panes easily fold open so you can store magazines, books and remote controls underneath.

Before: Vintage Rocking Horse and Floor Lamp

Contestants Michael and Vinnie purchased a vintage children's rocking horse and a floor lamp in hopes of turning the two objects into a one-of-a-kind piece.

After: Stylish Metallic Floor Lamp

Silver spray paint, a bigger lamp shade and faux fur adds instant style. What a fabulous statement piece for a living space!

Before: Random Metal Pieces

For their "Compact Design Project," Victor and Danielle purchased eight wrought-iron spindles with a plan to make something useful for the home.

After: Gorgeous Rustic Shelves

Sturdy pieces of wood combined with the iron spindles provide great storage for knickknacks, books or garden tools.

Before: Spare Footboard

An old-fashioned footboard doesn't have much use without a matching headboard.

After: A Classy, Cushioned Bench

Contestants Karen and Karin chose an all-gray palette for the new bench. A good neutral color scheme was a perfect choice so that the piece could fit in with any home's color palette without clashing.

Before: Barren Wooden Barrels

A pair of wooden barrels inspired flipping newlyweds Amy and Henric for their "Sets and Pairs Project."

After: Sleek Side Tables

With a beautiful, smooth finish and clever storage space, these side tables would make the perfect pair for a bedroom or living space.

Before: Empty Fire Extinguishers

Husband and wife team Seven and Sarah had the perfect vision for this set of fire extinguishers for their "Metallic Project."

After: Lovely Lamps

Fun and quirky, this set of lamps would be a stylish addition to a bedroom or living space.

Before: Worn-Out Factory Cart

Crafty couple Victoria and Michael have big plans to make this shoe factory cart into something useful and unique.

After: Bright Bar

A vibrant shade of green really makes this bar pop. Shelves with spacers were added for easy wine bottle access.

Before: Old Window Panes

Jill and James found three antique window panes to use for their "Fabric Project."

After: Mod Room Divider

With some upholstery work, three single window panes are transformed into a room divider that would add a dash of modern flair to any home.

Before: Metal Stools and Wooden Drafting Table

Aaron and Angie found a pair of industrial metal stools and a wood drafting table that they hope to give a fresh update.

After: Beautiful Bistro Set

The black-and-white color palette was an excellent choice to make this bistro set look more unified and modern. A shiny metal tabletop adds extra pizzazz to the design.

Before: Boring Trunk

Tony and Suzanne wanted to turn this ordinary trunk into something special for their "World Design Project."

After: Punk Rock Table

The British flag painted on top and the addition of legs turn this trunk into a neat table that also features useful storage space.

Before: Rustic Door and Wooden Stools

Mother and daughter flippers Leigh and Katey found a rustic door and a pair of wooden stools for their "Dine-In Project."

After: Unique Dining Set

The rustic door was repurposed to become a built-in table, and the painted pair of stools offer a place to sit and enjoy a meal for two.

Before: Plain Wooden Ladder

For their "Durable Design Project," father-and-son duo Max and Chris chose an old wooden ladder with hopes to create a one-of-a-kind display piece.

After: Nifty Display

Simply adding hooks and an assortment of frames descending down the ladder makes for a cool display that doesn't take up too much space.

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