Behind the Scenes of Building Off the Grid: North Pole

See what life is really like in this Christmas year-round town.

Photo By: Photographer: Carl H Matsukado, Photographer: Carl H Matsukado

Reindeer Selfie

Greetings from the North Pole! Go behind the scenes of Building Off the Grid: North Pole and see what life is really like in this Christmas year-round town.

24/7 Christmas Spirit

Though North Pole, Alaska isn't actually in the Arctic Circle, you feel like you've stepped into Santa's hometown with candy cane light poles and Christmas-themed street names. The town is also home to The Santa Claus House, where you can visit Santa and his reindeer!

Meet the Mayor of the North Pole

Bryce Ward, the mayor of North Pole, is helping his dad, Jeff Ward, build a cabin for Bryce's family to enjoy and watch the Northern Lights.

Off the Grid

Jeff's new cabin is 16 miles outside of North Pole in the heart of Alaska's Interior. There are no roads to get to the cabin, only trails.

Moving Materials

Since there is no road to Jeff's cabin, the crew has to haul materials via snowmobile. It's taken Jeff seven winters and 50 trips to deliver everything he needs.

Lunch Break

The crew fuels up and sits around the fire at a cabin three miles from Jeff's build site.


Bryce, Jeff and their friends stand outside the finished cabin. The door may be closed but it will stay unlocked, even when the cabin is not in use, because there's an unwritten law in Alaska about leaving cabin doors unlocked so that any hiker caught in a snow storm may take refuge.

How to Mail a Letter to Santa

Even if you can't visit North Pole, Alaska, you can still mail Santa a letter! Santa's address is 101 St. Nicholas Drive, North Pole, Alaska 99705.

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