Behind the Scenes With Belushi

Jim Belushi, renowned comedian and actor, is building his dream riverfront cabin along Oregon's Rogue River.

Photo By: Jack Parker

Photo By: Jack Parker

Going Rogue

Jim Belushi is trading his microphone for a hammer to build a rustic cabin along The Rogue River in southern Oregon. 

Hard at Work

Ever the comedian, Belushi entertains the construction crew with a few jokes. 

Raise the Roof

Belushi helps guide the crane to load timber on the roof at the home he's named, "The Rogue's Lair." 

Historic Materials

The framing includes timber from an 1870s cotton mill. 

Hands On

Belushi stains boards that will be used in the main house. 

Beautiful Craftsmanship

Potato board creates a soaring and lustrous cathedral ceiling.

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