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What does it take to build a house totally off the grid in some of the most unforgiving terrain on the planet? We follow a cast of characters who set out to construct three incredible cabins in the obscure Alaskan wilderness. With no roads and no building supply centers, they’ll have to get creative in a new season of Building Alaska.

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Season 5, Episode 13

Bush Alaska Approved

It's do or die time for all of the builders. The tides become the ultimate decider for Dave, Hans, and Steve, and send Steve to the workshop. For builder Adam and his family, the weather can't dampen their excitement as they finish their legacy cabin build. Over at Eagle Song, Mike is racing the first snowfall, can the family that builds together, stay together?

Mar 24
7pm | 6c
Season 9, Episode 1

Shaky Ground

Three new build teams arrive to their build sites and begin work on their unique cabins in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Josh Tousignant and his crew make the long trip to Cordova to begin building the foundation for their clients' two-story cabin. John Donkersloot and Heather Rough oversee delivery of two 40-foot shipping containers for their cabin's foundation on a mountain build site in Seward. Finally, float plane pilot Chris Maynard and his crew fly out build materials and install helical piers for his cabin's foundation on Trinity Lake.

Mar 28
12pm | 11c
Season 9, Episode 2

Anything Can Go Wrong

At Trinity Lake, Chris and Joe battle an 80-foot spruce that begins to fall too soon before a helicopter delivery almost goes wrong. Next, John and Heather fall behind while building the floor of their cabin due to the rain and need help getting back on schedule on Mt. Ascension. Later, Josh and his team must forklift their materials up the muddy driveway to the build site in Cordova after the semi gets stuck at the bottom. Finally, a complex build plan with too many parts and pieces threatens to shut the site down in order to get organized.

Mar 28
1pm | 12c
Season 9, Episode 4

Up High Without a Net

Chris Maynard and team prepare for two intense helicopter deliveries of roof rafters, and Greg precariously scales a raised rake wall to nail it into place. John and Heather are finishing the roof by installing insulation and metal sheeting when the forklift won't shift gears and threatens to knock over their timber frame. Josh and his team work from jagged pallets and rickety ladders late into the night to finish the three gable walls for Keith and Kathleen's cabin.

Mar 28
2pm | 1c
Season 9, Episode 5

Playing Catch Up

All three builds are running behind schedule and must rush to get ahead. John and Heather build a water catchment system but discover they aren't getting enough water pressure, Chris Maynard's windows are delivered by helicopter in a dilapidated crate that swings violently in the wind, and Josh comes dangerously close to tipping over his forklift and knocking over a gable wall.

Mar 28
3pm | 2c
Season 9, Episode 7

Not For Beginners

Time is running out for the builders to complete their projects. At Trinity Lake, Chris Maynard gets help installing solar panels and sets up cameras to watch for bears while Greg and Ivan work quickly to finish the interior tongue and groove paneling for the cabin's roof. Outside Cordova, Josh Tousignant works on the custom log stairs as Jeremy takes his time to precisely cut and build the cabin's custom windows. On Mt. Ascension, John Donkersloot and Heather Rough's build site is flooded, and they must rebuild the road to their cabin. Later, a window doesn't fit, and too much pressure on freshly built custom concrete countertops causes problems.

Mar 28
4pm | 3c
Season 9, Episode 8

Look What They've Done

The builders are in the final push to finish their cabins before winter strikes and forces them to shut down. Josh Tousignant and his team fight the rain and wind to install the wood stove and finish the roofing tin before clients Keith and Kathleen take over to finish their cabin's interior. Chris Maynard and his wife rush to install the kitchen counters and furniture before their extended family arrives for the first time. John Donkersloot and Heather Rough struggle to finish both the exterior and interior of their cabin before the snow falls and their build season is over.

Mar 28
5pm | 4c
Season 11, Episode 1

My Life Is in Your Hands

Three new couples challenge the Alaskan elements. Mike and Kathleen Kondus build atop a windy tundra, first-time builders Mike and Teresa Oldenkamp construct a complex cabin and Paige Drobny and Cody Strathe create a dog-training facility on haunted land.

Apr 17
7am | 6c
Season 11, Episode 3

A Life of Near Misses

Paige and Cody realize they don't have the correct insulation for their log walls. Kathleen and Mike's team get dangerously high up to install the ridge beam. Mike and Teresa begin work on their floor, but discover the joists are not evenly spaced.

Apr 17
8am | 7c
Season 11, Episode 5


Mike and Kathleen move to interior work, but the remote location is still slow with progress. At Paige and Cody's site, mechanical failures prevent the project from finishing before dog sled season. As Mike and Teresa build higher, it gets more dangerous.

Apr 17
9am | 8c
Season 11, Episode 6

I Need Five Hands

Paige and Cody's build takes a hit after Sterling and Joe leave the site and a trailer full of vital materials breaks down. The foundation is sinking at Mike and Teresa's cabin while Kathleen and Mike Kondus watch part of their cabin begin to crumble.

Apr 17
10am | 9c
Season 11, Episode 7

Absolutely Insane

The Konduses fight the rain and shattered window panes deep in the White Mountains. Mike and Teresa's team gets stuck on slippery scaffolding 19 feet in the air while Paige and Cody's build stalls thanks to a material ordering snafu near the deadline.

Apr 17
11am | 10c
Season 11, Episode 8

It's Gonna Be Plush

It's a race to the finish as Paige and Cody wrap up before dog racing season in Cantwell while Mike and Kathleen lose all their help deep in the White Mountains. Meanwhile, the Oldenkamps struggle with the challenges of working on a grain-bin-style cabin.

Apr 17
12pm | 11c

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