Go Behind the Scenes of 'Barnwood Builders'

Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins. Take a look behind the build and see what his team encounters along the way.

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The Barnwood Builders Crew

The Barnwood Builders pose on the foundation where Grandma's Cabin will be stacked in Montana.

What's Old is New

The stacked cabin in Montana, made from Grandma's Cabin in West Virginia.

Off With the Roof

Forklift operator Johnny Jett removes the rafters of the Fox cabin in Roanoke, West Virginia.

Heavy Lifting

Graham Ferguson and Tim Rose carry a 100 plus pound hand-hewn beam from the Fox Family Cabin in Roanoke, West Virginia.

Two of a Kind

Barnwood Builders and close friends, Sherman Thompson and Johnny Jett, take a break from re-stacking the Fox Family cabin at Stonewall Lake in Roanoke, West Virginia.

The Big Reveal

Mark Bowe shows Karen Wells, whose father grew up in the cabin, the stacked cabin on its new site at the Stonewall resort in Roanoke, West Virginia.

Room With A View

The crew installed a salvaged stained glass window in the newly constructed timber chapel in Carlisle, Kentucky, as seen on Barnwood Builders.

Stained Glass Standout

The salvaged stained glass windows installed in the newly constructed timber chapel in Carlisle, Kentucky.

Tackling a Big Job

The Barnwood Builders crew tackles the second wall of siding as they take down the Kincheloe barn, an 120-year old cattle barn that was slated for demolition in Jane Lew, West Virginia.

Toy Box Discovery

It's not all historic logs and cabin reconstruction! Brian Buckner, a friend of the Barnwood Builders crew, holds up an old kid's toy he found in alog cabin home in Abingdon, Virginia. Finders, keepers? 

Working Up High

Crew member Graham Ferguson drills a hole in the top log of the Fox cabin in Roanoke, West Virginia.

Heavy Load

Barnwood Builders foreman Sherman Thompson loads the hand-hewn beams onto a flatbed truck in Abingdon, Virginia.

The Right Tool for the Job

Johnny Jett operates his trusty forklift at the log cabin home in Abingdon, Virginia.

Team Planning

Mark Bowe and client Florian Schleiff go over plans for the Lewisburg Farmer's Market timber frame in Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Working Hard

Salvaged wood beams = many construction possibilities. Here, Johnny Jett carries a salvaged hand-hewn beam from a New Hampshire barn.

Precious Cargo

To preserve the barnwood's patina, the crew carefully handles the beams as they move them to their next life. Barnwood Builders team member Tim Rose carefully transports a rustic beam salvaged from a New Hampshire barn.

Kicking Back

Graham Ferguson takes a break on the job site in Buckhannon, West Virginia.

Barnwood Life

'Barnwood Builder' Graham Ferguson and crane operator Johnny Jett discuss next steps while consulting the building plans, in Cashiers, North Carolina.

Tagged and Ready to Go

Tagged hand-hewn logs in a stacked cabin in Cashiers, North Carolina.

Behind the Scenes

Mark Bowe gives a progress update to the drew during the New England timber frame build in Camden, South Carolina.

Timber Frame Rebuild

The building of the New England timber frame is almost completed in Camden, South Carolina.

Frame It Up

The Barnwood Builders work on the timber frame rafters of the New England barn build in Camden, South Carolina.

Line It Up

Barnwood Builder Graham Ferguson adjusts wooden blocks that support and keep the hand-hewn logs level, at the cabin build in South Carolina.

Level Up

Graham Ferguson passes a hammer to Johnny Jett to use in the leveling of the hand-hewn log cabin build in Camden, South Carolina.

A Big Job

Mark Bowe stands in the middle of the stacked hand-hewn log cabin in Camden, South Carolina.

All in a Day's Work

Mark Bowe, standing on the second story of the log cabin, directs Johnny Jett in his forklift to safely remove each hand-hewn log in Cabell County, West Virginia.

View From the Top

Mark Bowe leans out of a second story window of the hand-hewn log cabin to get a better look at the pristine sandstone chimney, in Cabell County, West Virginia.

Logging the Logs

Mark Bowe behind the scenes at the Boneyard while stacking the salvaged log cabin from Cabell County, West Virginia.

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