From Barn to Beauty: Amazing Before-and-After Salvage Jobs From 'Barnwood Builders'

Take a look at some of the amazing finished homes completed by Mark Bowe and his crew.

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Container Cabin

This may look like a typical log cabin, but it has a secret inside: It's actually logs stacked on top of a shipping container! 

Shipping Container: Before

The container has arrived on the boneyard ready to be transformed into a new home.

Shipping Container: After

The shipping container has been fully transformed into a rustic retreat. Long bow fiddler champion, Kelly Jones, and guitarist friend Howard Marshall play bluegrass music near the newly built cabin and a roaring fire, as seen on Barnwood Builders.

Rustic Cabin: Before

The guys headed to the Show Me State to take down and rebuild a historic 170-year-old cabin in Stover, Missouri. Before Sherman and the crew started the build, it was on the verge of collapse. 

Rustic Cabin: Progress

After the Barnwood Builders crew restacked the cabin's logs, it's on its way to becoming a guest house for property owner Mark Perry. 

Rustic Cabin: After

Homeowner Mark Perry, a fellow barnwood enthusiast, added chinking and weatherproofing to complete this guest cabin. What a transformation! 

A Stately View

The view from this guest cottage? Property owner Mark Perry's full-tie home, a larger log cabin also created with historic barnwood.

Timber Frame Build: Before

Mark and the guys headed to Lewisburg, West Virginia, to turn 200-year-old logs into a structure for the local farmers' market. Here, see the progress of this challenging build. 

Timber Frame Build: After

The exterior of the finished Lewisburg Community Center. 

Ready for Business

The interior of the timber frame structure is ready to house local growers, rain or shine. 

Cattle Barn Salvage: Before

Mark and the guys travel to Jane Lew, West Virginia, to salvage the wood from a 120-year old cattle barn that is slated for demolition.

Cattle Barn Salvage: After

The rare, wide-plank boards ended up in living rooms, man-caves and outdoor projects all over Jane Lew.

Cattle Barn Salvage: After

Here, the planks outfit the walls of JoLynn Powers' rustic living room. 

Rustic Wood Details

Barnwood Builders' Mark Bowe tours the Powers' living room. 

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