Meet the Winners of America's Most Desperate Landscape 2016

See just how bad the yard is this year.

Meet the Winning Homeowners

When host Jason Cameron surprised Randi and Tim Riefenberg, they thought they were on a regular episode of Desperate Landscapes. They were surprised again when they learned they had this year's winning yard for DIY Network's America's Most Desperate Landscape 2016.

And the Winning Pups

The couple also own two adorable dogs, Cooper, a boxer mix, and Sonny, a Terrier mix. 

Tour the Worst Yard in America

America's Most Desperate Landscape 2016 is in Roswell, Ga, a community about one hour north of Atlanta.

No Grass Here

The Riefenberg's yard is missing one typical feature: grass. The yard has turned into a small dust bowl.

Driveway or Creek?

Randi and Tim's concrete driveway is heaved and cracked from the road to the garage. The driveway currently pools water which, for central Georgia, could mean a mosquito breeding ground.

Battleship Gray

Randi and Tim joke that their home looks like a submarine that's washed ashore. The multiple satellite dishes on the roof don't help.

Overgrown, Neglected Shrubs

The bushes and perennials in the front yard need some serious TLC. The current display is not very welcoming for guests who use the front walkway.

Rocky Start

In addition to other eye sores in the front yard, huge rock boulders were dumped in the Riefenberg's yard when the neighborhood was developed. Host Jason Cameron says the rocks weigh about seven tons and will be the biggest challenge for the makeover.

Ivy Takeover

The front yard separating the Riefenbergs from their neighbors is lacking grass, too.The only green is a mass of uncontrolled ivy. 

Unstable Retaining Wall

The landscape timbers in the Riefenberg's retaining wall are rotting. Host Jason Cameron said he felt nervous just standing by it. There are roots busting through plus two trees growing out of the side.

Desperate Back Yard, Too

The back yard has a major slope and drop off. Tim tried to DIY the yard himself and level part of the ground but it eroded. 

No Place to Play

The backyard is no place for the Riefenberg's dogs Sonny and Cooper to run around. Large boulders are scattered throughout the yard.

Disaster Deck

The Riefenbergs love to entertain but can't use their deck because it's unstable. One of the posts doesn't touch the ground and is actually resting on another block of wood.

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