Landscape Makeover: America's Most Desperate Landscape 2010

See the amazing befores and afters: a formerly desolate front yard becomes one gorgeous landscape with room to relax and entertain.

yard left before

Before: This weedy, uneven yard has nearly impenetrable soil and tons of loose rock. The homeowners Kevin Richards and Marni Ratzel of Niwot, Col., termed it "rocky, rugged and ragged."

front gate after

After: Welcome to a beautiful front yard, formerly America's Most Desperate Landscape of 2010. A cedar fence, flanked by colorful plants, surrounds a welcoming green space.

driveway yard right before

Before: Oversized trees dwarf the house and its bare, rocky yard. The old garage door adds to the neglected look of the landscape.

driveway garage door

After: The new garage door and driveway are flanked by a green oasis. The too-tall trees are gone and in their place are beautiful plants that won't overwhelm the house or yard.

fence fountain container grass

On the left side of the yard near the entrance, a large double water feature serves as a focal point of the new perennial bed.

yard walkway left

The front walkway leads to a comfortable patio, where Marni and Kevin can relax with friends and watch their kids at play.

patio after

Aspen trees and various shrubs will provide privacy and afternoon shade for the new patio, which offers a great view of the water feature. That's a lot of functionality for a yard that measures just 36 x 60 feet.

yard walkway right

The wide front walk curves past new planting beds and container gardens, rich with multi-seasonal color and texture, and leads to the handsome new front door.

yard right after

On the right side of the driveway, cedar fencing and textural plants provide a balanced look for the new landscape and camouflage a service area to the rear. Projects to fix your desperate landscape are always online at

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