Chicken Coop Inspiration

Discover a bevy of beautiful barnyard chicken coops with a stylish twist.

Photo By: Photo by Mick Telkamp

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The Classic Coop

Raising backyard chickens is more popular than ever. Keeping chickens is a hobby that pays off in fertilizer, pest control, companionship, and, of course, fresh eggs. For those ready to take the plunge, it all starts with the right housing, but finding a coop that is appropriate for the flock, easy to maintain and still looks good in the yard can be a challenge.

Fixer Upper Fabulous

As seen on Fixer Upper, the Gaines' garden has a chicken coop, as well as a turkey run that's around the perimeter of the garden.

Playhouse Flip

This chicken coop was once a playhouse. Now it's home to the family's chickens who roam the yard during the day.

Urban Farming

In the backyard, a starter chicken coop handcrafted from 100% North American Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar means a supply of fresh eggs stays within easy reach.

Modern Vibes

This large enclosed chicken coop features a black pergola structure and plenty of space for chickens to roam freely. Raw wood gives the coop a rustic look.

Double-Duty Housing

This smart model servers a small family of chickens with roomy nest boxes, a wooden ramp and a charming roof for planting.

Chickens or Ducks

A traditional red chicken coop is used as a hut for this cute pair of white ducks. A country sign and American flag give the space a cute, homey vibe.

Rock City Chicken Coop

The owners of this tin roof chicken coop wanted to create a home for their chickens and guest houses for visiting bluebirds: "My parents brought me the 'See Rock City' house, which I was thrilled to have because it's a great nod to my happy Southern childhood spent hiking and camping with my family. The Rock City birdhouse lets guests know we want them to be relaxed and happy in our garden."

Space-Saving Structure

This family treehouse features a chicken coop underneath, a great space-saving idea.

Stylish Digs

Afraid a chicken coop will spoil your outdoor style? This stylish chicken coop in shows how great design can elevate backyard homesteading.

Urban Inspiration

Many urban gardens around the country include a small chicken coop that can accommodate a few egg-laying hens. This one features a green rooftop.

Chicken Playground

Ten families care for the 14 chickens at the Wyle Center garden in Decatur, Georgia. The hen house has a roughly 350-square-foot, fenced-in lot where White Leghorn "Flopsy" and her friends can "play." Other breeds at the coop include Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Silver-lace Wyandotte, Polish Hen and Barred Rock. The chickens reward their keepers with 3-8 eggs per day.

Cool Urban Coop

In a clever use of space, Bridget Wynn and Matthew Hicks built their 6 ft. x 10 ft. back yard coop against the granite wall of Atlanta's Freedom Park Trail. Bridget and Matthew say walkers along the trail don't even realize they're walking just above a tiny urban chicken paradise.

Water-Wise Mini-farm

Kristen and Rob Hampton's mini-farm straddling two properties in Atlanta includes a freshly-built coop and a 1,550 gallon rainwater cistern used to irrigate contoured swale-and-berm earthworks. "I wanted to produce more food," says Kristen of her reason to create the mini-farm with chickens. "And is there anything more perfect than a hen who can take a juicy jumble of scraps, pellets and grubs and transform this into a perfect, entirely fresh and useful food? They are real alchemists."

Neiman Marcus Chicken Coop

The Heritage Hen Mini Farm comes with a $100,000 price tag and is one of the high-luxe items featured in the 86th edition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.