America's Most Desperate Landscape 2015: Round 2 Vote Results

Our DIY experts are making over a desperate landscape and we asked you to help design it. We showed you some design options then asked you to vote on which ones we should use. Take a look at the results.

Photo By: Shutterstock/Morinka

Photo By: John A Trax Jr

Round 2: Front Door Color

We're designing a new landscape for the Hoofard family of Southern California. We asked you to pick a new color for their front door; you selected spicy red over forest green. If you need a refresher, take a look at how their desperate landscape looks now

Round 2: Lantern Style

We're building new columns for the front entry steps. We asked you to choose the style of lantern to sit on top of the columns. You overwhelmingly picked the Spanish-style option over the nautical look.  See the vote results from the round 1.

Round 2: Entertaining Warmth

When the makeover is complete, no doubt the Hoofards will be hosting some parties to celebrate. We couldn't decide whether to build them a fire pit or get them a new deluxe grill, so we asked you to choose. You picked the fire pit. 

Round 2: Backyard Games

The new lush yard will be perfect for outdoor games. We asked you to choose between a horseshoe court or a cornhole set.  You voted for the cornhole. Tour the desperate landscape once more. 

Round 2: Attracting Nature

Wildlife is going to feel right at home in this beautiful new landscape. We had you vote for one nature-friendly option we could implement in the yard. You selected the butterfly garden over the birdbath.

Round 2: Extra Outdoor Seating

We wanted to add an additional seating option where the family can lounge and relax.  The choices were either a hammock or a wood swing; you voted for the wood swing. Take a look at the round 1 vote results.

Round 2: Garden

We're building a planting tower for horticulturist Nicole. We asked you what we should fill it with; you choose fruits and veggies over herbs and spices.

Round 2: Maggie's Doghouse

We're building a new doghouse for Maggie the bassett hound. We had you vote on what type of siding we should use on the house.  The board-and-batten beat out the Dutch lap.  Take a look at Maggie's yard once more. 

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