America's Most Desperate Landscape 2015: Round 1 Vote Results

Our DIY experts are making over a desperate landscape and we asked you to help design it. We showed you some design options then asked you to vote on which one we should use. Thanks for your help. Take a look at what you selected for our makeover.

Round 1: The Front Planting Bed

We asked you to choose a theme for the circular planter bed in the driveway. You overwhelmingly chose a tropical theme with palms and colorful bird-of-paradise plants. Take a look at the before pictures again.

Round 1: Statue in the Front Planting Bed

In the front planting bed we are building a water feature, complete with a custom statue. We asked you to vote on which native animal should the statue depict? You picked the cougar over the bear.

Round 1: Light Posts

We asked you to decide between a stucco finish or stone facade for the entryway light posts. You selected the natural stone. Take a look at the front of the house again.

Round 1: Portico Collumns

You must like natural stone because you chose it over using redwood for the portico columns.

Round 1: Pergola Style

When we asked you which type of pergola should we build, you voted for the draped Roman-style instead of the traditional style. Check out where the pergola will be built.

Round : Patio Surface

For the patio area, pavers won hands-down over stained concrete.

Round 1: Retaining Wall

When it came to the retaining wall, natural stone won again, this time it beat out upcycled concrete.

Round 1: Lawn Shape

For the grassy play area, you selected a kidney-shaped lawn over a rectangular lawn. See what the barren lawn looks like now.

Round 1: Bench Seating

For the outdoor seating, you voted on using upcycled concrete instead of wood.

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