45 Unbelievable Flea Market Flips

As DIY enthusiasts, we love HGTV's Flea Market Flip, and we know you will too. Just check out these amazing before and afters from the show!

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July 14, 2020
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Before: Industrial Pieces

An industrial pulley and boat propellers may seem like an odd combination, but partners Amanda and Solomon have just the thing in mind.

After: One-of-a-Kind Coffee Table

After adding a glass top and connecting the boat propellers, this industrial pulley makes for one amazing coffee table.  Learn the secrets to scoring a deal at flea markets and yard sales

Before: Overlooked Pieces

Partners Kelly and Cole chose an old wooden picture frame and a worn-out medicine cabinet in hopes of creating something totally unique.

After: Custom Medicine Cabinet

After a pretty paint job, the two parts became a whole. Cole used his original artwork to give the piece an even more custom look.

Before: Good Bones

For their "Midcentury Project," partners Solomon and Amanda picked up a cute little chair and side table.

After: A Punch of Color

After a super colorful paint job, this midcentury set is looking funky, fun and better than ever.  Find out the best way to haggle

Before: Crusty Cabinet

Partners Mar and Paul thought this worn-out yellow cabinet had potential despite the flaky paint job and worn wood.

After: Shabby Chic Upgrade

A new mirrored front and extra shelving make this repainted medicine cabinet an even more useful amenity.

Before: Simple Side Tables

Though they've got a great shape, these wooden side tables just don't have any wow factor yet.

After: Designer Quality

After a sleek paint job with a surprising bright green interior, these side tables look like high-end designer pieces. Get pro tips on painting old furniture.

Before: Wooden Wall Rack

This wooden wall hanging rack doesn't seem very exciting now.

After: Useful Wall Art

An added mirror, a metal radiator screen and industrial hooks enhance the usefulness of the original rack while adding a healthy dose of style.

Before: Metal Cabinet

Partners Anthony and Jack bought this vintage metal cabinet planning to give it new life with just a couple of changes.

After: Stylish Storage

A mirrored rear panel gives this cabinet a cool retro vibe, while the warm paint color offers a cozier look. Thinking of selling some stuff at a flea market? Get some tips on getting top prices

Before: A Strange Assortment

Iron frames, piano dollies and porch rails may seem like an odd group, but partners Anthony and Jack were determined to turn this trash into treasure.

After: Unconventional Dining

The finished product is such a surprise. The piano dollies and porch rails became the perfect table for four, while the iron frames just needed some handmade cushions to become comfy stools.

Before: Retro-Chic Seating

For partners Rachel and Blair, this worn out cane-back chair is full of potential and begging for an update.

After: A Fresh New Look

Refinished and reupholstered, this trendy chair is given a fun update, making it the perfect addition for any stylish home.

Before: Metal Table and Chairs

This bare bones table and chairs has a cool industrial look but could use a little freshening up. Find out the best way to restore old metal

After: Sleek and Shiny

A fabulous clean-up job works wonders, but the upholstered seat and frosted glass top take this table to the next level.

Before: Pretty Arched Window

For partner Heshy and Michael, this arched window made the perfect base for their "Elements of Glass Project."

After: The Perfect Hanging Coat Rack

An added shelf, a couple of hooks and a detailed number design turned this plain arched window into a very handy hanging coat rack.

Before: Farm Trough

For partners Holly and Carlyle, this Hungarian metal farm trough was just waiting to be reimagined into something new.

After: Creative Coffee Table

With the addition of legs and a glass top, this metal farm trough makes for a pretty interesting coffee table.

Before: Boring End Table

Partners Rose and Sophie picked out a basic wooden end table with the hopes of turning it into a can't-miss item .

After: A Totally Different Vibe

A new paint job with added leather detailing give this once-basic end table a bit of edge and a lot of personality.

Before: Antique Frames

Partners Darren and Stephen picked up a couple of ornate frames with the intention of turning them into something totally unique.

After: A Layered Look

Now, the antique frames make up a two-tiered table that is full of style.

Before: Set of Metal Drawers

For their "Durable Design Project," partners Heshy and Michael chose a simple set of industrial metal drawers.

After: Simply Steampunk

A pipe lighting fixture assembled by hand took this simple set of drawers from solid and industrial to a one-of-a-kind steampunk design.

Before: Old Carriage Seat

This marvelous carriage seat is such a great find! Unfortunately, the fabric is worn, and the seating is lacking in comfort.

After: Comfy, Chic Seating

A brand new upholstery job plus added cushions make this classic carriage seat a great addition to any home.

Before: Asian Tea Table

A gorgeous Asian tea table is already a great find for team members Al and Merry, but they've got plans to make it even more useful.

After: Brought to New Heights

A removable extended base frame took this tea table from beautiful accessory to useful dining table.

Before: Dated Dressing Screen

Dressing screens exude old-school elegance, but this one is a bit dated for most modern homes.

After: Bold and Fashionable

Covered in a bright, cheerful fabric, this colorful dressing screen is given new life.

Before: Inkwell Printing Press Trays

For their "Mirror Project," partners Scoop and Moose picked up four antique printing press trays. The end result might surprise you!

After: A Mirrored Image

Now, the mirrored trays make up a very interesting piece of wall art that is great for displaying tiny knick knacks.

Before: Lone Glass Jug

A flea market staple, this basic glass jug could be used for a myriad of projects.

After: An Illuminating Idea

Partners Ron and Peter cleaned it up and added a shade covered in historic tracing paper maps to create a truly awesome lamp.

Before: Charming Steamer Trunk

Old steamer trunks are always a fun find, but oftentimes, they aren't in the best shape.

After: Well-Traveled Bar Cart

After a little spruce, a new color and a bit of rearranging, this already cool steamer trunk looks even better as a bar cart.

Before: Dated Bedroom Set

Partners Al and Merry immediately saw the potential in the gorgeous but out-of-date bedroom set.

After: Fresh and Fun Again

A few cosmetic changes and a brand new paint job bring this three-piece set into the modern world.

Before: A Mysterious Combination

What do you get when you combine airplane wheel covers and a beveled glass table top?

After: Industrial Table

You get a very cool, industrial coffee table that celebrates history and looks stylish at the same time.

Before: Out-of-Date Tool Box

This old wooden tool chest has certainly seen better days, but some imagination and elbow grease give it a brand new purpose.

After: Industrial Bar Cart

Once old and out of date, this antique tool chest has been reimagined into a rolling bar cart.

Before: Table and Drawers

A basic table and a set of card catalogue drawers seem to make for an odd grouping.

After: Bright Table With Storage

After painting the table a more vibrant color and attaching the drawers on top, this awesome table looks fantastic and has room for storage.

Before: Pair of Roofing Hooks

It's hard to imagine how a couple of roofing hooks could be transformed into anything someone might be interested in buying, but partners Luke and Nicole were up for the challenge.

After: Creative Lighting

Wow! Add a few lights, and these roofing hooks are transformed into a beautiful, industrial-style chandelier.

Before: Dated Bench

Cover an old bench with a burlap coffee sack? It doesn't sound so amazing, right?

After: Bright Burlap

But look what happens when you go even more outside of the box by dying the burlap a deep, exhilarating shade of turquoise. This bright piece could fit in anywhere!

Before: 1930s School Desk

Partners Amy and Helene snagged this old school desk in hopes of updating the unique piece for modern-day use.

After: First-Class Seating

Since the desk was already in good condition, all the duo needed to do was add a couple of cool maps for a piece that's truly one of a kind.

Before: Set of Chairs and Sewing Table Base

Partners Chris and JJ decided to combine a vintage sewing base with four plain chairs for an industrial piece that's full of funk.

After: Funky Fabric-Covered Dining Set

A vibrant orange paint job and pop art fabric give the pieces a super fresh look.

Before: Traditional and Boring

Partners Regina and Sarah reimagined this old bureau into something useful, updated and colorful.

After: Cozy, Cottage Feel

What was once dated and boring is now fun, fresh and perfect as a kitchen island.

Before: Dingy Metal Chair and Desk Set

Before: Dingy Metal Chair and Desk Set

After: Lively Paint Job to the Rescue

'70s funk is back! This fun green table and chair with a wild patern were given new life. What a difference!

Before: Brass Candlesticks and Vases

A conglomeration of brass candlesticks and vases can look great on its own, but with a little creativity, the end result can be illuminating.

After: Bright Lights, Big Impact

Just add lights, and you've got a one-of-a-kind piece that is not only beautiful but functional as well.

Before: Plain-Jane Bookshelf

Chances are you or someone you know has an old bookshelf lying around. What can you do to make it cool again? You're about to find out!

After: Fun, Funky and Fresh

Liven it up with a dynamic paint job! Black and white stripes are always a winning combination, but a bright red surprise on the inside takes this look over the top.

Before: Basic Pair of Iron Tables

If you think this iron table duo is cute on its own, just wait until you see how partners Erika and Evey reinvented it.

After: Stylish Bar Cart

Ta-dah! Combining the tables into a stylish bar cart on wheels would have been impressive enough, but just look at that fabulous paint job!

Before: Nothing-Special Lockers

A set of lockers is great for storage, but to make it even more useful, just add padding.

After: Storage and Seating in One

Now it's a seat! The best part of this ingenous transformation is the fact that this seat still makes for great storage. You're welcome, small-space dwellers.

Before: Wire Buckets and Utility Lights

Two wire buckets plus two utility lights makes for one really fantastic flip.

After: Industrial Light Fixture

Cool industrial light fixtures are all the rage, which makes partners Kim and Chandi's on-trend project one to be reckoned with.

Before: Drop-Leaf Table and Chairs

If you're thinking of throwing out your old dining set and replacing it with a new one, you might want to check out what Rob and Minetta did with this fading set.

After: Chic and Understated Dining Set

Totally refinished and given a classy color palette and fresh upholstery, this formally dated dining set is almost entirely unrecognizable.

Before: Vintage Canning Jars and Rack

Who doesn't love a good Mason jar? And a whole set is pretty hard to come by. Is there actually a way to make this primo find even more fantastic?

After: Charming Chandelier

Just flip the jars and their rack upside down and add lights for a chandelier that will have all other upcyclers bowing at your feet.

Before: Settee That's Seen Better Days

This looks like the kind of piece most people would pass right over at a flea market, but partners Charlotte and Jill saw the settee's potential.

After: 21st Century Seating

Whoa, can you believe this is the same piece of furniture? It took some serious work, but the end result couldn't be more appealing!

Before: Vintage Buggy Wheel and Die-Cut Numbers

What can you make out of a rusty wheel and die-cut numbers? You might be surprised.

After: Time Well Spent

A large-scale wall clock is a useful and interesting piece of wall art, and it all started with a vintage buggy wheel. Who would have thought?

Before: Lamp Post Top

It's projects like this one that prove anything is possible if you're willing to think outside of the box.

After: Out-of-the-Ordinary Aquarium

This old metal lamp post top makes the perfect home for a single fish, and it's bound to be a conversation starter. It's just such an excellent idea!

Before: Dirty Speed Limit Sign

This dingy speed limit sign doesn't look like much now, but it's amazing what some elbow grease and a good idea can do.

After: Clever Shelving Unit

One thorough cleaning later, this speed limit sign was made into a standout lighted shelving unit.

Before: Lackluster Chairs

Though these dining chairs were in good condition and had interesting details, most people don't have much use for only two dining chairs.

After: One-of-a-Kind Bench

Partners Rose and Sophie decided to make the chairs more useful by combining them into a bench that would look great in an entryway or living room.

Before: Parlor Table, Chairs and a Window Frame

It's amazing what adding an unexpected piece can do to an otherwise complete set of furniture.

After: Quirky Window-Topped Dining Set

By simply swapping the basic parlor table top with a more interesting window pane, partners Solomon and Amanda were able to make this dining set something really special.

Before: Vintage Suitcases

For a project that emphasized global design, partners Jeannine and Robin chose three vintage versions of travel's most well-known icon.

After: Interesting End Table

Stacked on top of each other and lifted off the ground, these three suitcases are given new life as an adorable and quirky end table.

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