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Dan and Laurie forgo drinking vodka to share its other household uses.

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Built In Baskets

On the other side of the bench, heavy duty, built in baskets can be used to store office supplies or personal items.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio


Rustic Exterior Siding

The exterior siding’s color is called Char and gives the tiny house massive rustic appeal.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

This magnetic office organizer is transformed when paired with t

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Convenient Cups

Camping cups are hung from tiny hooks. Camping gear is often smaller to scale than the average kitchen equipment, making it perfect for a tiny home.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Under Sofa Storage

Behind the nightstand is an open space in which bulkier, infrequently used items can be stored.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Folding Chair and Tray

If a chair folds in the forest and no one is around to sit in it, why not hang it up and out of the way? A folding chair hangs up for grabs and adds a bit of warm green to this cool space.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Floating Corner Shelves

In a tiny house, no space can go unnoticed. These corner shelves provide room for little luxuries, like plants or framed photos.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Contemporary Outdoor Living Room With Wood Arbor

This contemporary outdoor living room sits beneath a shady, wood arbor. Climbing vines and lush potted plants create a tropical feel while bright blue and orange weather-resistant pillows and a burst of color.

Nautical Style Bathroom

A nod to nautical style. The bathroom walls were painted a khaki color, giving the space a coastal feel. The inspiration came from the renter's vintage travel posters, like the one seen on the wall here.

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