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Dan and Laurie forgo drinking vodka to share its other household uses.

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New U-Shaped Sink

Updates don't need to break the bank. A large, single-basin, stainless steel sink from Ikea is an affordable update, maximizing the impact of this refreshed kitchen.

Tiny House Water Heater

In the exterior storage closet on the back of the home, a small point-of-use water heater sits ready to warm up incoming water.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio


Remodeled Gray Wet Bar With Butcher Block Countertop

For this wet bar makeover, dated veneer countertops were replaced with butcher block, and the faux brass trim on the mirror panels was sprayed with a dark gray matte paint. Light gray cabinets and walls brighten the space.

Ladder Safety Lock

When the ladder is in use, a chrome gate lock holds in place for safety and ease of use.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

Kitchen Fold-Down Table

This itty-bitty kitchen had no place to dine, but in less than one day and on a budget of $200, a simple fold-down table was created, made out of basic materials.

Built In Baskets

On the other side of the bench, heavy duty, built in baskets can be used to store office supplies or personal items.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio


Hanging Pillow

Unexpected guests are no problem! Tabs were sewn into this floor pillow so it can hang from the wall when not in use.

Photo By: Don Hamilton Studio

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