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Meet Jonathan's Cute Dogs

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Check out photos and funny stories about Jonathan's two dogs Gracie and Stewie. 

Jonathan Scott With Gracie and Stewie

"I'm spoiled as Gracie and Stewie are kind of the best hounds ever. Gracie is so laid back (maybe lazy, LOL) that you can do anything with her, take her anywhere, or put her on anything, and she'll stay put. She got the 'sit and stay' award in her training class." — Jonathan Scott, co-host of Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother

Photo By: Stephanie Diani / Getty Images ©2014, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Name Game

"Originally I named Stewie 'Gadget,' but for the first week I had him, he was such a terror that I renamed him 'Stewie' from Family Guy. And when I bought Gracie as a puppy, I wanted a true Chihuahua name. So I tried everything from 'ChiChi' to 'Tequila,' but nothing felt right. Then a friend said she looks like a 'Gracie'...and she was right." — Jonathan Scott, co-host of Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother

Doggies in the Window

"Stewie never puts his guard down. He likes to know EVERYTHING that is going on. He follows me around like my shadow and loves it when I hold him upside down and scratch his belly." — Jonathan Scott, co-host of Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother

Take Stewie to Work Day

It looks like Jonathan even dresses his dog in plaid! "If you ask Stewie to smile, he makes this hideously adorable face to show you his teeth." — Jonathan Scott, co-host of Property Brothers and Brother Vs. Brother

John Colaneri With Brady

“He sleeps with us every night and takes up the whole bed! He loves when I say, 'Do you want a jelly belly?' He rolls over and puts his legs in the air.” — John Colaneri, co-host of Kitchen Cousins and Cousins Undercover

A Family Affair

Posing for a family portrait, John looks as happy as can be with his beautiful wife and their sweet pup. “He acts like a human and even tries to speak to us!” — John Colaneri, co-host of Kitchen Cousins and Cousins Undercover

Ballin' Brady

Rocking a Brunelleschi Construction hat, Brady looks like he's ready to join the family business.

Gathered 'Round the Table

“He knows the names of people. I can put him in a room with friends and family and call their name out, and he goes to them.” — John Colaneri, co-host of Kitchen Cousins and Cousins Undercover

Vern Yip With Scooter, Hank, Bob and Schmoo

It's obvious this HGTV Star judge loves animals, as he and his family share their Atlanta home with all four of these spunky tail-waggers. See Vern's dog-friendly home here.

Photo By: Sarah Dorio ©Courtesy of HGTV Magazine

Josh Temple With Eazy

"The name is ironic, because he was such a pain when we got him from the pound. But my wife and daughter wouldn't leave without him. Now I love my Eazy Boy." — Josh Temple, host of House Crashers

Anitra Mecadon With Jett

“Jett (a.k.a. Black Cat or JTK: Jett the Kitty) is our newest member of the family. He is IN LOVE with our dog Shiloh. Anywhere she goes, he goes. Honestly, I think that he thinks that he is a dog. When we take Shiloh out for walks, he beats on the window and screams bloody murder until we bring her back. He waits until she falls asleep and then creeps up next to her to cuddle. Shiloh is not as in love with him, so that is why he's always creeping.” — Anitra Mecadon, host of Mega Dens

Anitra With Shiloh

"Shiloh was rescued from death row. She was redlined and about to be put to sleep in an animal shelter the day we got her. She has always fought for the Alpha position in our house, so don't let her looks fool you. She's a lot like me: sweet when she wants to be, but don't get on her bad side. ;) Shiloh means "Gift From God" in Hebrew, and that's what she is to us. When we brought Shiloh home, our lives changed for the better." — Anitra Mecadon, host of Mega Dens

Anitra With Diggy

"Diggy (a.k.a. - The Infamous D.I.G) is an angel now, but I had to share this photo. It is my all-time favorite photo of what I considered to be my knight in shining armor. He was my love child, my best friend, my trusty steed. I still shed tears at the mention of his name. I know what unconditional love is because of Diggy. Jett came into my life as I had to say goodbye to Diggy. I think it was divine timing. He helped ease the pain of loss with love and craziness." — Anitra Mecadon, host of Mega Dens

Antonio Bellatore With Chewie

As a part of HGTV's Posh Pets special, Antonio Ballatore, of HGTV's The Antonio Project, and his precious pooch, Chewie, were photographed by celebrity pet photographer Grace Chon. Chewie has the pouty face down.

Photo By: Grace Chon |

Doggie Kisses

There's just something about those cute little wrinkly faces that make English bulldogs totally kissable.

Photo By: Grace Chon |

Chip Wade With Ben

"This is our favorite horse that lives in the barn at the end of the street. I don't actually own him, but he is like family." — Chip Wade, host of Elbow Room

Sabrina Soto With Harper

"When I lived in NYC, we would go to Central Park constantly! We would do the loop around the reservoir and run back home. She loves to be outside, so I'm hoping she'll love California living as much as I do." — Sabrina Soto, host of HGTV's The High Low Project

Quality Couch Time

"Harper is super smart (and I'm not just saying that because she's mine)! She knows how to give a high five and she rings a doorbell if she ever needs to go out." — Sabrina Soto, host of HGTV's The High Low Project

Danielle Bryk With Lucky Dog

"I got Lucky Dog when the kids and I were on the way to drop my husband off at the airport. He is an actor and was travelling to the Middle East for a month to shoot a movie. The kids were a bit anxious about their dad leaving for so long to such a faraway place. I thought it would be a welcome distraction to stop off and “see” some boxer puppies that I had seen on the internet. Of course when the puppy gently sat down beside my daughter and just started wagging his tail (unlike his litter-mates who were jumping all over her), we just couldn’t leave him behind. We decided to call him Lucky to remind us of just how lucky we are." — Danielle Bryk, host of A Bryk at a Time

Danielle With Ferdinand

"I have always adored English Bulldogs for their super-cute folds and their character. My husband and I told the kids we were going grocery shopping and we came back with “Ferdinand”. When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave me a storybook called Ferdinand the Bull about a gentle bull who hated fighting and just wanted to sit quietly and smell the flowers. My own kids love this story, and we always knew if we got a bulldog this would be his name." — Danielle Bryk, host of A Bryk at a Time

Everybody Now

"True to his namesake, Ferdinand is the gentlest, most affectionate creature. He is one very big ball of love. He is much more stubborn than Lucky Dog, not as easy to train and a bit naughtier. He can’t help but try to jump onto the couch to get some cuddles, even though he knows he is not allowed on the furniture. And a bulldog defying gravity to get on the couch is like the bumblebee — he really physically shouldn’t be able to fly. It is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. He is not so concerned about other dogs, but he is deathly afraid of the vacuum." — Danielle Bryk, host of A Bryk at a Time

Jeff Devlin With Gretel and Spanky

"We started with dogs. They survived, so then we moved onto having children (kind of a test to see if we would be good parents). Then came the chickens, pigs, rabbits and turtle. There was talk the other day about adding some new members to the Devlin family (maybe some goats, but we will see)." — Jeff Devlin, host of I Hate My Bath

Jeff With Daisy Mae and Buttercup

"As far as stories go, I think the most interesting would be trying to potty train two pot-bellied pigs. I had no idea my wife had planned on keeping them in the house, and honestly I didn't even know she was bringing them home that day. I remember learning that they lived 35 years, and I almost passed out when my wife told me. They lived in the house for about a year, cuddled on the couch with the kids, and were pretty much like having two extra dogs (we already had two dogs, so I guess it felt like four). We had been using a Tupperware storage bin for their litter box. When they could no longer fit in the 4' box, we knew it was time to head outside. Our animals are treated better than most humans. They have heat, and if my wife has her way, they will have air conditioning this summer." — Jeff Devlin, host of I Hate My Bath

Chicken Selfie

"The chickens stayed in the house for the first month, because they were so fragile. (BTW baby chickens never stop chirping, NEVER!) When they were old enough, we moved them outside to their own coop. I was so nervous and excited when we got our first egg. I remember cracking it onto the frying pan and trying it. I was sure that it was going to taste horrible, or that there would be a couple throwaways since these were the first couple eggs. Well Mother Nature is awesome, and so were those eggs. We get roughly four to six eggs a day, and yes, scrambled eggs are almost always on the breakfast menu. It really has been a great pairing. I feed the chickens, and they feed us." — Jeff Devlin, host of I Hate My Bath

A Day on the Farm

"Our animals are a big part of the family and are included in all holiday cards. The kids love to tell the stories. On a warm, sunny day it is definitely a site to see at the Devlin house when the pigs, chickens, dogs and yes, even the turtle, are out playing on our hill." — Jeff Devlin, host of I Hate My Bath

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