Smart Upcycling

Sea glass left over from DIY Network Blog Cabin 2013 plus tempered glass from Blog Cabin 2015 and white concrete were all used for the attractive terrazzo top on the island that distinguishes the kitchen from the surrounding living areas. Natural light gray concrete was used for the kitchen's perimeter counters.

Photo By: Photos: Christopher Shane/Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Creative Console

Brian Watford's lounge showed the beauty of a well-edited console with just a few striking objects. Geometric objects in metal and other materials are a recurring theme in many designers' rooms. Shop your own house to find clever objects to create a striking console or coffee table tableau.

Photo By: Laura Negri

Special Touches

The library area also provides a spot for a tray with fresh flowers and a bowl of vintage keys that add texture to the room.

Photo By: Photos: Christopher Shane/Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Industrial Inspired Water Feature

A blue and gray metal waterfall is shown in this backyard, as seen on DIY Network's YardCore.

After: Cozy, Cottage Feel

What was once dated and boring is now fun, fresh and perfect as a kitchen island.

Stamped Ceiling

Think outside the box, as designer Amy Morris did with these gorgeous stamped ceiling whose rich gold detail is elegantly contrasted with soft pink walls. Ceilings, whether wallpapered or painted, are a great low-cost place to add interest to a room. Also consider powder pink for an accent wall, ceiling or accessories: it's one of the favorite new colors featured in the 2016 Southeastern Designer Showhouse and Gardens.

Photo By: David Christensen

Modern Little Library with Diagonal Shelving

Looking to bring a little library to every community that needs one, Lea Randebrock of Finland created a little library that could easily be mass produced and shipped. The modern and simple style allows for the library to ship flat and be set up with just a hammer and screwdriver. It was this innovative thinking that led Randebrock’s design to be chosen as the Chronicle Books’ Choice Runner-Up.

Photo By: Chronicle Books

After: Storage and Seating in One

The best part of this ingenous transformation is the fact that this seat still makes for great storage.

White Circular Modern Library with Wooden Shelving

The little library designed by 4th Street Farms in Columbus, Ohio features shelf heights for all ages, motion-sensor lighting, and a snack shelf. The library is shaped like a large tube with open ends, allowing visitors to actually step inside and sit while they read. The library also features murals by local artists and has already become a community hub. The design won the competition’s Stewards’ Choice Runner-Up.

Photo By: Chronicle Books

Little Goblin Orange Winterberry

Little Goblin Orange winterberry holly ripens large orange berries packed thickly on branches. This variety suits smaller gardens, growing 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. Use Little Goblin Guy winterberry holly as the male pollinator for greatest berry production.

Photo By: