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Venture Outside

If you find that your powder room is simply too small to work with, consider utilizing the area directly outside the door. Add a bookshelf or armoire to store towels, extra toothpaste and whatever else you may find that you need.

©Niche Interiors

Classic Storage

Basin and pedestal sinks are great options for visually expanding your space, but a traditional sink with included storage is often essential. Keep a light-colored counter clutter free in order to keep a larger cabinet from overwhelming the small space.

Photo By: Eric Perry

Clutter Control

Do you love knickknacks? Although they are fun and add personality to any space, too many baubles can overpower a small room. Corral your favorite accessories with a vanity tray for a sweet display that is under control.

©Linda Woodrum

Free Up Floor Space

Choose a pedestal sink to add more floor space. These sinks are perfect for small half baths and powder rooms where a desire for space prevails over storage requirements.

©Kristi Nelson

Climb the Walls

The key to getting the most out of your small bath is to embrace vertical space. Adding open shelving is a great way to improve storage, and a few baskets or decorative boxes are great for storing extra necessities.

Distinctive Dining

A piece of local lightening-struck oak creates the stunning base for the dining room's distinctive table.

Photo By: Photos: Christopher Shane/Styling: Elizabeth Demos

'Mary Washington' Asparagus

'Mary Washington' asparagus is a heat tolerant and rust resistant heirloom.

Photo By: W. Atlee Burpee Company at

Holiday House

This beautiful Atlanta home is all decked out for the holidays.

Photo By: David Christensen

Creative Genius: Muralist and Fine Artist, Jeremy Penn

Jeremy Penn leaves his mark on retail, residential, and restaurants all around the world.

Photo By: Jeremy Penn, ©2017

Holiday Table-setting with Red DIY Wooden Placemats

Set a festive table with DIY placemats using pine board. Cut the board into two pieces and paint them red. Then add hardware -- straight and angled braces -- to the border. Spray-paint rope for a quick and easy napkin ring, and insert a piece of greenery and a tiny pinecone for finishing touches.

Photo By: Reed Davis Photography / Lowe's