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Meet the Chase Morrill and the Cabin Masters from DIY Network's Maine Cabin Masters.

From: Maine Cabin Masters

Meet the Cabin Masters led by sister-and-brother team Ashley and Chase Morrill (seated). Builder Chase and designer Ashley were born and raised in Maine and are constantly inspired by the beautiful state they call home. They give historic cottages and 'camp' cabins the facelift they need. Chase says that if saving a camp means passing on memories to the next generation, then he can’t think of anything better to do.

Ashley brings each camp to life with design. She attended the University of Southern Maine, where she studied art and design, which came in handy when she started designing and building furniture from repurposed wood with her dad. Now, she and her husband, Ryan (top left) continue that tradition. Chase, Ashley and Ryan, along with Jedi (middle) and Dixie (top right) are the Cabin Masters.