Last-Minute Front Door Christmas Decoration

Don’t have time to make a wreath? Funds tight? This door swag is inexpensive and easy to make.  

Still looking for a way to decorate your front door before the guests arrive next week? It took me about a half-hour to make this swag and the best part, it didn’t cost me a cent. The spruce was clipped off the bottom of my Christmas tree, the pine, holly, pinecones and nandina berries all came from my backyard. (Be careful with nandina berries, they can be toxic to pets.) It took me about 10 minutes to gather the clippings from my yard and about 20 minutes to put the swag together. Christmas tree sellers will often give away clippings for free or just charge a small fee; it’s worth asking.

Besides the greens and berries, I needed: a coat hanger, floral wire (about $3 a roll), wire cutters, garden clippers and a wire bow. I didn’t wear gloves while putting this together, but afterwards I wish I had because the holly leaves gave me a few minor stab wounds.

Bend a wire coat hanger so it’s as tall and narrow as you can get it. Bend the hook part to make it smaller and lower to its neck. 

Lay the branches on top of the coat hanger.  I layered the spruce on the bottom followed by the pine and holly. The spruce did the best job of hiding the hanger. I then used a few pieces of floral wire (about 10” to 12” long) to fasten the branches to the hanger. 

Sometimes the floral wire gets lost in the greenery, so I wrapped a piece of tape on the end of the wire to make it easier. 

Flip the whole thing over and twist the wire in the back of the swag. Continue adding the branches and berries until you achieve the desired look. 

I found the nandina berries to be very helpful in hiding the wire. Once I got what I thought was the right amount of greens and berries, I added the pinecones. It’s easiest to wire the pinecones together first then wrap them around the unit.

Finally, a piece of wire ribbon hides the rest of the wire and adds a sweet homey touch. Having a coat hanger for a base makes it very easy to hang from a wreath hook. 

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