Quick Kid Crafts for Summer Adventures

Have your child create these kid-friendly DIY projects so that whenever a summer adventure calls, they're ready to hit the road.

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Summer is officially here, so it's time (or maybe past time!) to start whipping up some crafts and activites to keep the kids occupied. Happy Kids, Happy Summer is Made+Remade's way of saying "Welcome Summer!" to the days-to-come featuring old-fashioned fun, time outdoors, cool crafts and all of the things that make this season enjoyable for young and old.

DIY Summer Tie-Dye Spray Tote Bag

Summer adventures can come in a variety of styles, from long road trips with the family to a quick day trip to the beach or even a bike ride down the block to the local library. To make sure your child has everything they'll need to enjoy any type of journey, have them create these quick DIY projects that will have them ready for any trip.

Tie Dye Spray Greeting Tote
Tie dye is a beloved summer craft medium, but a traditional tie-dyed project requires some time and patience. Thanks to Tulip's One-Step Spray Kit, you can achieve the tie dye look in a matter of minutes. For this project you'll need a plain canvas tote bag, alphabet stickers, and the tie dye kit.

DIY Summer Tie-Dye Spray Tote Bag

To get started, have your child select the name or greeting they want on their bag. Apply the stickers to the front of the bag, making sure they've adhered to the fabric.

DIY Kids No-Sew Coin Pouch

Using the spray bottle, spray the tote bag with the dye. Try experimenting with different colors, too. Let the bag dry and then remove the alphabet stickers. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for curing and washing. 

DIY Kids No-Sew Coin Pouch

No-Sew Coin Pouch
No sewing machine? No problem. Thanks to whole sheets of duct tape, your child can create a small wallet that's just the right size to hold their allowance, a library card, and any other small essentials that can't be left behind. To make this project you'll need two whole sheets of duct tape in two different colors or designs, Super Tape, one sheet of plain printer paper, a ruler, one adhesive Velcro dot, non-stick scissors, and any other decorating elements of your child's choosing.

Prepare your duct tape sheets by carefully removing the paper backing from one of the designs. Adhere the duct tape sheet to the plain piece of printer paper, starting at the top of the page and smoothing it into place all the way to the bottom. Turn the piece over and add the other duct tape sheet. 

DIY Kids No-Sew Coin Pouch

Next, trim your duct tape to a rectangle that's 5" x 9" in size. 

DIY Kids No-Sew Coin Pouch

Make a mark on the duct 3.5" up from the bottom and gently crease flat. 

DIY Kids No-Sew Coin Pouch

To create the pouch, apply a piece of Super Tape on either side of the fold you just created. Remove the plastic backing from the tape pieces and fold the bottom up once more, smoothing the tape to create a strong bond.

DIY Kids No-Sew Coin Pouch

Finish your pouch by placing the adhesive Velcro dot toward the top of the duct tape. Fold this piece down, pressing on the Velcro to make sure it's secure. 

DIY Game Set

Personalize your pouch by adding stickers or DIY duct tape stickers.

DIY Game Set

Travel Game Bag
For those long trips or impromptu picnics, your child can pass the time by challenging a fellow traveler to a game of tic-tac-toe or mini checkers. Create a set of mini game pieces that are stored in the game surface itself - a drawstring bag. To make this project you'll need a plain drawstring bag, fabric markers, small wooden discs, scrap paper, a sticker maker, a 1" circular paper punch, a pencil, and a ruler. 

DIY Game Set

To create the checkerboard side, mark out a 5x5 grid with 1" squares. Once created, outline the the square with a fabric marker and then color in opposite squares to create the game board. Let dry and heat the set the work per the fabric marker manufacturer's directions.

DIY Game Set

For the tic-tac-toe surface, turn the bag over and create an oversized hashtag symbol with your pencil and ruler. Create thicker lines by outlining the pencil marks with your fabric marker.

To create the mini game pieces to use for each game, punch out 1" circles from scrap paper, making sure to pick two different colors or designs. Turn the circles into adhesive dots by running each one a sticker machine. Press the dots onto the wooden discs.

Your game bag isn't just for storing your game pieces. Add in some white scrap paper, crayons and colored pencils, and even a deck of cards to create an all-in-one game station that kids of all ages won't want to pass up.

Once all of your child's projects are complete, keep them stored in their tote bag so that they're ready to grab and go.

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