Pumpkin Challenge: Fairy Garden Pumpkin Village

Make a miniature Halloween village for your front porch. 

I am an absolute sucker for all things miniature and little doll house furniture. It’s impossible to look at that stuff and not say “that’s so cute."  So when I went to the craft store trying to find ideas for this pumpkin challenge, the idea was born the second I found the aisle full of all the fun Lilliputian-sized items. 

Photo by: Bruce Cole

Bruce Cole

I wanted the pumpkin village to last for a while and maybe even use it next year. So instead of live moss we used artificial turf as a base. The craft pumpkins are super easy to cut using a utility or craft knife. I used sticks from the yard to line the windows and store-bought doors for the pumpkin portals. The pathways are made from self-adhesive cork that was left over from another project. The steps up to the front porch are broken tile, also a left over from a previous home improvement job. It pays to hoard away all those extra crafting supplies, you’ll never know when you're going to need them. My favorite part of the pumpkin village is the fairy fire pit. It's made from a walnut shell and feathers. 

Take a look at the craft pumpkin creations my fellow bloggers made, and then vote for the one you like best, click here

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pumpkin project! Inspired to create your own pumpkin masterpiece? Boo it yourself™ and save on supplies at Michaels, including craft pumpkins in six colors and seven shapes and sizes. Find ideas and inspiration at michaels.com/halloween and #MadeWithMichaels.

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