How to Make a Purse Out of a Place Mat With Retro Loom Flowers

Learn how to turn a plain wicker place mat into an adorable summery clutch purse covered in loomed flowers.

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Summer is here and it’s time to have the purse to match. It's hard to believe this cute clutch started out as a place mat. With the addition of some loom flowers it makes the perfect warm-weather accessory.

Check out the video showing how I made the floral clutch.
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Materials Needed:

  • flower loom
  • wicker place mat
  • craft glue
  • stiffened felt
  • pompoms
  • raffia (vintage plastic straw)
  • yarn
  • large hole needle
  • tan embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • adhesive packed hook and loop tape
  • sheet plastic canvas
  • spray adhesive

Follow manufacturer's instructions for creating flowers on your specific loom. In all cases, start flowers on one peg and go directly across the loom with your thread and wrap on that peg. Continue going around the loom until each peg is wrapped.

Most modern looms come with several interchangeable parts. Once you are finished weaving your flower remove the loom from the base.

Use a large-eyed needle (typically comes with the kit) and sew the center of the flower.  Go up between one set of petals, across the center and down between the set of petals directly across. Repeat until center is covered.

Gently remove flowers from loom. Repeat for how many you will need to cover the entire purse. In the case of a standard rectangular place mat it took 12 flowers.  Feel free to leave as is or attach small pompoms to the centers to cover stitching. 

Use tan embroidery floss and a embroidery needle to attach the square loom flowers to the place mat.

To help the purse keep its shape, two pieces of stiffened felt and plastic canvas were used. 

Use spray adhesive to attach a piece of stiffened craft felt to both sides of a piece of plastic canvas. Trim the excess edges of the plastic canvas away. The lining can be attached to the inside of the purse by more embroidery thread or using spray adhesive.

Use a strip of hook-and-loop tape on each side of the purse. Make sure to leave a 2" to 3" space on each edge.

Attach the hook-and-loop tape folding your place mat into a clutch purse shape.  Using tan embroidery floss and an embroidery needle, close up the sides of the purse.  

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