12 Doggone Cute Halloween Costumes for Your Pup

Prepare your pups for Halloween with these sassy, sweet and at times—spooky—costumes. 

You have your costume all squared away, but don’t forget about your fluffy sidekick this Halloween.

We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite looks, all of which will have your pup dressed to impress, ready to outshine any trick-or-treater that crosses their path. 

Dogs in Space Helmets

Dogs in Alien Halloween Costumes

Even the simplest of costumes, like these doggie space helmets, can make your pets look out of this world on Halloween. Submitted by HGTV fan Foleyboy

Diva Dog

We say think pretty-in-pink and deck your doggies out in a glam costume to match their sassy personalities. They will turn heads in our favorites: pretty princess pooch costume, fairy costume and last but not least, flower power costumes.  

DIY Flower Power Costume

Adorable Dog in Fairy Halloween Costume
H. Camille Smith


Adorable Dog in Fairy Halloween Costume

Photo By: H. Camille Smith

Cute + Classic

Maybe your pup is partial to the traditional looks—we can appreciate the classics, too! Wiggle them into the Halloween staples. Have you ever seen a more perfect, roly-poly pumpkin? We love this flight-ready pug, decked out in inky bat wings and this scalawag pirate-pup.

DIY Bat Wings Halloween Costume




Tail Waggin’ Whimsical

These whimsical costumes will wow the crowd! Your furry friend will give Princess Ariel a run (or swim?) for her money in a mystical mer-pup costume.



Prepare for positive feedback and lots of laughs when you dress your fluffy friend as the pet-star of the '70s—a Chia Pet.  

Dog Dressed In Chia Pet Costume For Halloween

Dog Dressed In Chia Pet Costume For Halloween

A dog is dressed in a chia pet costume for a Halloween dog costume contest.

Bug’s Life for a Pug’s Life

We think this fair ladybug-pug looks particularly cuddly in her red costume with black spots. Going for a more masculine approach? Your pooch partner in crime will be the buzz of any Halloween party, all decked out as a bumblebee.

DIY Ladybug Costume

Fright in Fur

We’ve saved the spookiest for last. Your pup will look extra intimidating with a faux-hawk and rocker outfit. For a real spook—try our easy no-sew triple-eye-balled monster costume! It’s shriek-worthy, in the best way possible.   

No-Sew Monster Halloween Costume



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