One Wreath Form, Three Different Wreaths

A simple chipboard wreath form can be turned into a variety of different wreath styles for the holidays.
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Without even realizing it, I found myself the owner of several bookboard wreath forms this holiday season. I picked up the first set of these forms from my local Paper Source store a few weeks back. At $5.95 for a set of two 12″ forms, the price was right to grab a set without a specific project in mind. Clearly I would find SOMETHING to put on them. More recently my department at work decided to make holiday wreaths, using the same forms, to decorate our office. Yet again, I found myself the owner of another set of bookboard wreath forms, but at least this time around I had my assignment: make several different holiday wreaths to show off at work. 

DIY Chipboard Wreath

DIY Chipboard Wreath

What I like so much about these forms is that they’re lightweight, yet can display a lot of decorations on them. They take paint well and the flat, smooth surface is ideal for gluing decorations to. If you’re in the mood for some last-minute holiday DIY projects, try decorating a bookboard wreath form a few different ways like I did. 

DIY Chipboard Wreath

DIY Chipboard Wreath

First Approach - Paper Cut-Out Wreath

DIY Chipboard Wreath

DIY Chipboard Wreath

This wreath features dozens of paper-punched tree shapes. From Stampin’ Up! I used this modern-looking tree punch with a variety of colorful holiday scrapbook papers, including some glitzier textured papers. The majority of the papers were positioned onto the form with Aleene’s Tacky Dot Singles. The textured papers were adhered with 3D foam squares to give the wreath some dimension. I topped it off with a bow made with cotton ribbon.

Second Approach - Faux Floral

DIY Chipboard Wreath

DIY Chipboard Wreath

After a coat of green acrylic craft paint, I turned to the faux floral department at Michaels for this wreath. The centerpiece of this wreath is the fake succulent stem I found. Using a pair of craft wire cutters to remove the long stem, if fit really well on the wreath form. More of the fake flowers had the stems removed as well and attached to the wreath form with hot glue. A bit of dried moss was added to either side of the floral design to finish it.

Third Approach - Felt Floral

DIY Chipboard Wreath

DIY Chipboard Wreath

Using my Benzie Design wool felt scraps that I had from this year’s crop of handmade Christmas tree ornaments, I cut out small leaf shapes to create a felt floral wreath with the last form I was taking to work. I didn’t use a template to cut each leaf so that each one was just slightly different from the next. The leafs were positioned in the bottom center of the wreath with hot glue. A trio of white pom-poms hides where the leaf ends meet up.

While our wreaths at work are being displayed on stands, you can easily add a pretty piece of ribbon to these forms for hanging.

How would you decorate a form like this? What about vintage ornaments, recycled cards from past holidays, etc.? No matter the medium you choose, I’ll make you a bet these simple bookboard wreath forms can take it.

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