Blogger Craft Pumpkin Challenge: The Final Outcome

Five of our bloggers faced off in a craft pumpkin decorating competition. See which design was your favorite. 

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite design in our craft pumpkin challenge. 

And The Winner is ...

The Emoji Pumpkins

Photo by: Bruce Cole

Bruce Cole

Congratulations to assistant editor Laura James, she made the winning set of mood-changing emoji pumpkins. (They're smiling now!) Laura used magnets to hold the eyes and mouths onto the craft pumpkins, this way she can switch out the features to create different faces, sort of like Mr. Potato Head. Make one for your front door or desk to let everyone know how you’re feeling. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions >>

Honorable Mentions

The other four designs may not have gotten the most votes, but they’re still winners to us. Take a look at all the pumpkin creations and get inspired to make your own Halloween masterpiece. 


Designer Hannah Slaughter gave a white craft pumpkin a spooky ephemeral look. She used a simple image transfer method so the only supplies she needed were black and white photocopies and decoupage glue. Get more details on the project >>


Also known as the five-minute pumpkin, this design is so quick and easy it is a great last-minute project. Assistant editor Farima Alavi did silver tacks on a white pumpkin and Laura James did gold tacks on a teal pumpkin The best part of this project is you don’t have to be an artist to create a beautiful design – the overall pattern looks great even with imperfections. See how easy it is >>


Editor Ryan Reed turned his craft pumpkin into a gumball machine. For a bright pop of sweet colors, he glued lots of gumballs to the gourd. The base of the gumball machine is an upside-down flowerpot and the top of the pumpkin is the flowerpot’s saucer. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions >>


Editor Jackie McGilvray put together this little village to sit on their front porch. She combined items found in the yard – sticks, sand, rocks and moss – with miniature items from the craft store. The fire pit that the fairies are sitting around is made from a walnut shell and feathers. The porch steps are broken floor tile that was left over from a remodeling project. Check out how it was put together >>

Congratulations to our winner, Laura James!

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Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn


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