How to Upcycle Salvaged Tiles Into Pineapple Coasters

Craft some adorable coasters to gift or to keep.

By: Laura James
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Made+Remade recently teamed up with a local architectural salvage shop to make upcycled treasures from castoff items. The salvage shop is connected to Knox Heritage, which is an organization that preserves structures and places with historic or cultural significance in Knoxville, Tennessee. Knox Heritage's salvage shop is full of architectural elements from old homes, items donated from businesses and discarded junk from homeowners. 

pineapple coasters

Pineapple Coasters

Salvaged square tiles and pineapple paper were used to make these inexpensive, easy coasters.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

Many salvage shops will have piles of square tiles, but you may not be able to find enough that match to use in a full renovation project. Instead, grab a handful and make inexpensive coasters! You can also buy square tiles for a low price at hardware stores, or you might even have some left over from a past project sitting in your garage.

Coasters make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays and housewarming parties. They’re also great for “just because” gifts for others or yourself. Starting with blank tiles, the options are endless. We used cute pineapple-printed wrapping paper and feather transfers to decorate ours. Get started by gathering your supplies. 

supplies for upcycled coasters

Gather Supplies

Supplies needed to make easy, cute coasters include a roll of adhesive cork, decorative wrapping paper, decoupage, decorative rub-in transfers, square ceramic tiles and a utility knife.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

  • square, ceramic tiles
  • scissors
  • roll of adhesive cork
  • pineapple wrapping paper or other decoration
  • decoupage
  • paintbrush
  • clear acrylic spray
Put Cork on It

Cut out squares of cork and attach to the back of the tiles. This will prevent the coasters from scratching any surfaces.

Decorate It

Cut out pineapples from the wrapping paper and place on tile.

If pineapples aren't your thing, you can substitute almost anything at this step, like feathers, for example. To apply feather transfers, cut them out using a utility knife. Remove plastic and attach feather. Rub on smoothly with a paint stick or even a credit card. Peel off plastic.

Decoupage It
painting decoupage on tile

Pineapple Coasters

Apply decoupage on top of the pineapple paper to seal it on the ceramic tile.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

Paint on decoupage. Apply coats in alternating directions. Paint one coat horizontally, and then let it dry before painting a coat of decoupage vertically. Apply at least 10 coats – the more, the better!

Seal It
stack of pineapple coasters

Pineapple Coasters

Ceramic tiles and pineapple paper are the two main supplies in this pineapple coaster craft.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

Last but not least, spray on a clear acrylic sealant to help ensure water from a glass won’t cause the paper or transfer to come off.

drink with straw on pineapple coasters on wood

Pineapple Coasters

Learn how to make a cute, inexpensive pineapple coasters from ceramic tiles and pineapple paper.

Photo by: Laura James

Laura James

More Easy, Creative Coaster Crafts

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Painted Wood Chip Coasters

Cut cross sections into a dead stick using a hack saw, hand saw or table saw. Use painter's tape to divide the face of the wood slices in half, then paint the exposed parts with a sponge brush. Get creative and use more than one hue and try out different patterns, too.

Floppy Disc Coaster

Now that virtual clouds and external hard drives are the norm for backing up digital files, floppy disks have become extinct! Add a sense of nostalgia to your tabletop by using floppy disks as drink coasters. These can simply be placed on the table and used without any crafting at all, or they can be made waterproof and easy to clean by treating them with resin.

DIY Cork Coaster

Put discarded wine corks to use by slicing them in half with a utility knife, then attaching each to a 4-by-4-inch wood veneer square with hot glue in an alternating pattern.

Check out this upcycled project from Made+Remade and the salvage shop. 

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